Today will be the 3rd meeting of the Cabinet of the new term. The increase in wages for civil servants and pensioners for the second half of the year will be a priority issue on the agenda of the meeting. The meeting will also discuss developments in domestic and foreign policy.

The presidential cabinet will meet after a three-week break. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will chair the meeting in Beshtepe.

The main agenda of the meeting will be events in the economy.

Members of the Cabinet of Ministers will evaluate additional measures to combat inflation and price gouging.

What will be the interest rates?

According to the decree, which will soon be submitted to Parliament, the lowest salary of civil servants will be increased to 22,000 lire. For the rest of civil servants, a gradual increase will be made in accordance with the criteria of position, rank, degree and professional career. Increase rates will be determined by the share of wealth in addition to 6-month inflation.

The text of the proposal, which the Department of Economics is working on, will be presented to President Erdogan at a cabinet meeting. The bill will be finalized.

Provocations in Sweden will also be discussed

The meeting will also discuss the burning of the Koran in Sweden, which is waiting for a NATO visa from Turkey. Discussed are the diplomatic steps that Ankara will take against the administration of Stockholm, allowing such disrespect.

Discussed are preparations for the summit of NATO leaders, which will be held in Lithuania on July 11-12, in which Erdogan will also take part.

President Erdogan to make a statement

The cabinet meeting will also evaluate street activities in France and Turkey’s counter-terrorism operations both at home and abroad.

After the meeting, President Erdogan will make a statement.

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