In recent days, as a result of a terrorist attack on Istiklal Street in Istanbul, 6 people were killed, 6 people were killed. This time, Turkey was shocked by the news of the attack that took place in the Karkamysh district of Gaziantep. The terrorists launched rocket-mortar fire at the regional center. It was reported that as a result of the treacherous attack, 3 people, including a child and a teacher, were killed and 10 were injured. Let’s look at the details together…

Mortar and rocket fire was carried out by terrorists in the Karkamysh district of Gaziantep.

It was reported that mortar shelling was carried out in the area last night, but mortar shells fell on an empty field. Rocket and mortar attacks carried out today were said to have hit a secondary school and two houses in the regional center, as well as a truck near the Karkamysh border gate.

Minister of the Interior Suleyman Soylu said that 3 people, including a child and a teacher, were killed as a result of the shelling from three mortars.

On the other hand, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul said that 10 people were injured in the attack, two of the wounded are in serious condition.

Many homes, businesses and cars were damaged in the area where the attack took place.


In addition, it was reported that a truck in the region became unusable due to a fire caused by a rocket that fell near the Karkamysh border gate. Governor Gul said:Sometimes explosions can continue. So we have problems in our two schools. He didn’t go straight to that school, but was damaged by the noise and pressure. Windows are shattered, houses damaged in the back.he made a statement. It was announced that education in the area was suspended for one day due to the attack.

According to the first claims, the treacherous attack was carried out by members of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG.


Governor of Gaziantep Davut Gul in his social media account: “TThe terrorist organization fired 5 mortars/rockets from the east of the Euphrates at the regional center of Karkamysh. In an attack that struck peaceful settlements; 2 of our neighbors have died. 6 of our citizens suffered, two of them seriously. Detailed information will be provided later.” used his statements.

After the monstrous attack, the Ministry of National Defense stated that the Turkish Armed Forces responded to the attacks in the same way.


The ministry said in a statement that “attacks by the terrorist organization on innocent civilians, regardless of children, the elderly, students or teachers, continue. ministry”,Traitors who have shown cowardice, even targeting schools, have been held accountable for their actions and continue to be questioned. Turkish Armed Forces repeatedly responded to attacksmade the discovery with his statements.

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