The earthquakes in Kahramanmaras caused us to experience one of the greatest devastations in our history. We lost thousands of people because of the earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of buildings were destroyed in the earthquake zone. Millions of people have lost their homes and homes. In short, we had to face the reality of an earthquake in our country, once again paying a high price. In this direction, after the great catastrophe, some precautions are being taken in various cities in case of possible earthquakes. For example, studies have begun in Istanbul on the evacuation of some public buildings that are known to be earthquake resistant. Among these buildings are 93 school buildings.

However, across the country, the number of schools that could be destroyed or damaged by a possible earthquake is much higher. In this direction, the Chamber of Geological Engineers TIMOB makes important warnings. Accordingly, 4159 schools across Turkey are located in regions with a high risk of earthquakes. 191 schools are located directly on the fault line. Let’s look at the details together.

After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, earthquake-resistant structures caused serious concern for many people.

Millions of citizens across Turkey are wondering if the building they live in is earthquake resistant. Unfortunately, however, the number of public buildings that are not known to be earthquake resistant for many martyrs is quite large. In some of our cities, work has already begun on the evacuation of public buildings such as hospitals and schools. For example, 93 school buildings are being evacuated in Istanbul. However, there are thousands of schools in our country that could be damaged or destroyed by a possible earthquake.

The Chamber of Geological Engineers (JMO) TMMOB has announced that 4,159 schools in Turkey are located in high earthquake risk areas.

Schools at risk

The statement said that schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, critical infrastructure facilities and residences in high-risk areas should be inspected first in accordance with the MTA Turkey Active Fault Map and the Turkey AFAD Earthquake Hazard Map.

The JMO statement indicated that 191 schools across the country are directly on the fault line.

Recalling that the greatest destruction as a result of earthquakes on February 6 occurred in settlements located in fault zones and areas sitting on soils with high acceleration values ​​\u200b\u200band weak engineering properties, it was announced that it was necessary to transfer the corresponding schools. urgently to safe areas.

4,159 schools built in areas with high earthquake risk are located in 38 different cities.


All of these schools are located in areas where earthquakes of magnitude 0.50 g or more are likely. 4159 schools make up 8.5% of all schools in Turkey. Looking at the distribution of these schools across the provinces, it can be seen that the schools in the most dangerous areas are divided into 38 different types. The top five cities with the most dangerous schools are Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bingol, Mush and Aydin, according to a statement from the Chamber of Geological Engineers.

The Chamber of Geological Engineers says schools in danger should be considered in order of priority. Calls for relocation of schools built on fault lines or on unsuitable soil


Chamber of Geological Engineers β€œThe Ministry of Public Education (MOE) should consider the schools in question, taking into account the priority and demolition of school buildings built on geologically unfavorable sites with poor engineering characteristics and located in the fault localization zone (191 schools in the city of 50 m.) For school buildings in other areas a comprehensive earthquake analysis and qualification review should be carried out, and the AFAD presidency should share the results of these schools’ research with the public. Welcome to MEB! 93 schools in Istanbul are not enough, there is an urgent need for seismic analysis in schools in other areas with a high risk of earthquakes in Turkey.” uses expressions.

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