Digitalization is one of the most important concepts of our time. So much so that even today we can talk about digital life, about the digital world, which is constantly evolving in our daily lives. However, the digital world also includes many elements from the real world. Therefore, it is not surprising to find “digital versions” of some things in the “real world”. Festivals, which are one of the most colorful elements of everyday life, are also one of the things that have a counterpart in the digital world. In addition, very interesting festivals take place in the digital world. DreamHack is one such digital festival.

DreamHack is also known as “the world’s largest digital festival”. The festival hosts professional-level esports competitions, technology fairs with the participation of large companies, online concerts and crowded LAN parties. Every year, thousands of people gather at this most comprehensive festival of the digital world. Moreover, the story of the crowded party of the digital world, which has become a world-famous festival, is also quite interesting. Here’s what you need to know about DreamHack.

What is DreamHack?

In short, DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival.

Held twice in summer and winter, the festival annually attracts thousands of people from all over the world.


However, the most crowded period of this unusual festival is the winter period. According to statistics, the festival in winter is more crowded than the festival in summer.

The DreamHack festival hosts a variety of digital events, from professional esports competitions to online concerts.

Online meetings for amateur PC gamers, digital art events, cosplay competitions, technology fairs, promotion and trade of products of the digital world, especially the gaming industry… Some of the events held within DreamHack.

The festival holds the record for the world’s fastest internet connection, the busiest internet traffic, and the world’s largest LAN party.

Thousands of people sit in front of computers in the festival area and are in the same environment both physically and digitally. However, many people bring their own computers and join the world’s largest local area network.

A local area network (LAN) is the name given to a computer network that connects computers and other digital devices in a specific area.

In everyday life, it is customary to connect computers at a particular workplace or school. But at the DreamHack festival, thousands of computers are connected to the same network, which means thousands of people. This is the main element that makes the festival interesting and the most crowded “LAN party” in the world!

The festival’s growing popularity over the years has expanded its scope. So much so that important computer and technology companies operating around the world contribute to the organization of the festival.

Millions of dollars in prize money are distributed at the stages of the festival for “professionals”. Esports competitions, especially popular computer games, are the scene of great competition and many people follow them with enthusiasm.

The DreamHack festival, which usually lasts 3 days, offers its participants the opportunity to experience the “digital lifestyle”.


Because the festival goes on without a break! Numerous events related to various areas of the digital world continue without slowing down until the end of the festival.

The history of the transformation of the festival into the world’s largest LAN party is also interesting.

The origins of the festival date back to the early 1990s. However, at that time this interesting organization did not claim to be the largest digital festival in the world. In the early 90s, a group of friends from Malung, Sweden, hold a small LAN meeting in the basement of their school.

This meeting takes place in the school cafeteria in the mid-90s with a much larger number of participants. The event moves to a mall in Sweden in 1997…

The meetings, which started with a meeting of a few friends, became the most crowded LAN party in Scandinavia in the 2000s!


Organized twice a year for the first time under the name DreamHack in 2002, the collection of events has grown today into the world’s largest digital festival. So today’s DreamHack fests can’t be hosted by a few high school friends!

DreamHack, which became a branded company in 2011, was acquired by two major esports organizations in 2012.


DreamHack, which continues to operate in partnership with US-based esports company Major League Gaming (MLG) and German organization Electronic Sports League (ESL), paid SEK 244 million in 2015 to Swedish digital entertainment company Modern Times Group sold in exchange.

DreamHack Winter Festival 2023 will take place in Jönköping, Sweden from November 23rd to 26th.


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