Divorce case in Ankara courthouse led to a mind-blowing event! According to the case file, Vedat O. The named person had an affair with his mother-in-law S.K., who had been his uncle’s wife for a long time. Moreover, Vedat O. and SK had two children born from this forbidden relationship! Let’s look into the details of this mind-blowing event together…

Vedat O., who lives in a village in the province of Çankırı, moved to his uncle’s house when he was 16 years old.

Vedat O. When he was 16 years old, he moved to the house where his uncle M.K. and his family, after a quarrel with his father. However, for some time Vedat O. He began a relationship with his uncle’s wife S.K.

Vedat O. returned to Chankyri after military service in the following years and F.O., the daughter of his uncle M.K. and his wife S.K. married to Later the couple moved to Ankara.

Forbidden relations between Vedat O. and mother-in-law S.K. went on for years!


At this time Vedat O. and his wife F.O. she had two children. However, after some time, some problems began to arise in the couple’s marriage. Vedat O. with F.O. sued for divorce. And so the details of the stunning confusion of relationships surfaced!

Vedat O. The named person also had two children from his relationship with his mother-in-law S.K.!


So, Vedat O. was the father of his son-in-law and daughter-in-law! In other words, brothers and sisters F.O. were also his wife’s children! Vedat O. The named person had four children, two from his wife F.E. and two from his mother-in-law S.K.!

The children, having learned that the man they had known for years as their “son-in-law” was their father, filed a paternity suit against Vedat O.. On the other hand, it became known that M.K., who had learned about the forbidden relationship between his wife and Vedat O. for many years, divorced S.K.

Upon learning that his siblings are also his wife’s children, F.O. He expressed his great surprise


F.O. about this interesting event: “I was shocked when my divorced wife told me that two of your brothers and sisters are actually my children. My husband had an affair with my mother for many years. My wife turned out to be the father of my brothers.” made a statement.

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