Our language is an integral part of our identity. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the Turkish language correctly. On the other hand, Turkish, like all other languages, is a living, changing and transforming language. Important changes have taken place in this direction. The Turkish Language Association (TDK) has changed the spelling of some words that have been used in the same way over the years. New spellings of words that have been spelled differently are included in the 12th edition of The Current Turkish Dictionary. Let’s look at the details together.

The Turkish Language Association has published the 12th edition of the current Turkish Dictionary.

The 12th edition of the dictionary contains 132 thousand 334 vocabulary units, consisting of words, terms, phraseological units and meanings, including 82 thousand 135 per unit and 18 thousand 133 within the article.


The modern Turkish dictionary contains 45 thousand 372 sample sentences.


The full text of the dictionary consists of 1 million 756 thousand 396 words.

In the 12th edition of the comprehensive dictionary prepared by TDK, the spelling of some commonly used words in Turkish has been changed.


In the new edition of the dictionary; It was noticed that the spelling of some words was changed from the forms used by the people. The words that have been modified by TDK are as follows 👇

Strike Horon (obsolete) / Strike Horon (current)

Dogubeyazit (old) / Dogubeyazit (current)

Green olives (old) / Green olives (current)

Title (old) / Title (current)

Marmara Ereglisi (former) / Marmaraereglisi (current)

Chig Borek (old) / Chiberek (current)

bouncers (old) / bouncers (current)

Downgrade (old) / Downgrade (new)

Trustee (former) / Trustee (current)

Under the straw (old) / Under the straw (current)

Green onions (obsolete) / Green onions (current)

Pear maple (old) / Maple (current)

Sultan Efendi (old) / Sultanefendi (current)

Green pepper (obsolete) / Green pepper (current)

Ak lily (old) / White lily (current)

Boy bos (old) / Boy pos (current)

Pleated (old) / Pleated (current)

Yuruk (old) / Yoruk (current)

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