North Korea, which responded with ballistic missile tests, this time threatened Japan because of its new security strategy.

The North Korean administration has threatened that Japan’s new security strategy will fundamentally change the security environment in the region and that it will soon “learn with awe” that it has made the wrong and very dangerous choice.

North Korea has reacted strongly to Japan’s recently revised national security strategy.

A written statement from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry claimed that Tokyo “caused a major security crisis” in the Korean Peninsula and the East Asia region by adopting a new security strategy that effectively demonstrates its pre-emptive strike capabilities against other countries.

Claiming that the security environment in the region has fundamentally changed due to Japan’s new policy, the statement said, “We reiterate that we have the right to take bold and decisive military action to protect our fundamental rights in the face of a challenging regional security environment.” .

The statement, which said that “Japan will soon learn with a shudder that it has made a wrong and very dangerous choice,” did not provide details of what military measures would be taken.

Comments were made that the North Korean administration pointed to “new ballistic missile tests” in a recent statement.

The government has revised its defense strategy. In view of the increasingly difficult security situation in Japan, the government has reviewed 3 documents related to its security strategy, and in this context, it was announced that the country can acquire military capabilities that will allow a direct counter-offensive in the territory of another country with purpose of deterring an attack.

It was also announced that by 2027 the annual defense budget will be increased to 2 percent of the gross domestic product.

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