Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek made some startling claims in a sponsorship deal with Medicana Hospital.

During the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement between the Alatasaray sports club and the Medicana hospital, the president of the club, Dursun Ozbek, made a statement.


Explaining that they will be announcing new sponsorship deals, Özbek said: “Currency changes in the transfer are seriously affecting us. This is why sponsorship efforts are very important. We are aware of this this year and attach great importance to sponsorship negotiations. This will continue. We will sign a contract with many other sponsors. We want to generate $40-50 million in sponsorship income. To date, we have passed 50% of them. We have very important projects. Galatasaray will close the biggest sponsorship deal in Turkey. You will soon see. We are afraid to open up. Every transmission is simulated and every project is simulated. There are ridicule.” said.


Assessing Fenerbahçe’s demand for pre-1959 championships, Özbek said: “As for the pre-1959 championships, the board has nothing to say about the commission. He responded with the example of a bankrupt merchant. A bankrupt trader looks through old notebooks and checks to see if he has old receivables… Very similar. The matter is very clear and non-negotiable. In 1959, the away championship of Turkey started. In 2001-2002, the TFF adopted the “5 championships, 1 star” decision. Continuity is essential in institutions. This decision was made by TFF and not by Galatasaray. Besiktas applied for two seasons and qualified to win two championships. Decisions have been made. 20 years later, here’s what some of your friends think! Where have you been for 20 years? No one should try to change this decision. TFF’s decision is illegal and selfless. We will go to Arbitration on this matter. Some friends are very good at filming football from the field. How many championships did British Columbia have? We put on the agenda an issue that will not bring even five cents of benefit to Turkish football. We will talk about this in 3-5 years. Nobody talks about the financial crisis, about the failures in Turkish football. Why? Where are my British Columbia championships? spoke his words.

Defending the theme of Yildiz as a movement to change the agenda, Özbek said, “If you are in a difficult situation, sometimes you take action to change the agenda. Stellar movement for that, I think. Those in need can try. I deprecate the use of TFF as a tool for this. While decisions are being made, I am fully convinced that bringing football into chaos and creating an artificial discussion environment will not bring 5 cents to Turkish football.” said.

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