The hot weather really stunned us all. These days, when it’s nearly impossible to get outside before sunset, we’re all wondering when it’s going to get colder. When will the El Niño heat end and we finally have a rest? If you’re wondering when the El Niño-driven temperature rise that was announced when sea temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific rose 0.5°C above the long-term average and impacted the world in different ways will end, and when the weather gets colder, let’s go over the details together.

What are the El Niño temperatures?

The name “El Niño” is used to describe a rise in sea surface temperatures that occurs every few years and is usually concentrated in the Middle East in the Equatorial Pacific. El Niño is declared when sea water temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific rise 0.5°C above the long-term average. It is strongly felt in the tropical eastern Pacific, where it is generally warmer than average, although it has varying effects around the world. The effects of El Niño usually peak in December.

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Why is it so hot?

When will the weather get cooler?

Since our country is located in a region that allows us to experience the four seasons, we experience summer temperatures to the fullest in most of our cities. However, extreme temperatures have increased in recent years due to the effects of climate change. As if every year we experience “the hottest summer of the century”.

When will it get cold?

Unfortunately, the General Meteorological Office said in its 5-day forecast report that these extreme temperatures will continue throughout the country. Last week, many of our cities, especially Istanbul, were affected by these extreme temperatures. Experts have said that a new wave of heat will come from Africa, and this will cause scorching temperatures, especially in the Marmara region during the weekend. In other words, “When will it get cooler in Istanbul?” We have bad news for those who are wondering, these temperature extremes will continue for a while. However, according to experts, from August the weather will return to seasonal norms.

Will temperatures stop?

Climate Scientist, ITU Department of Engineering Meteorology, Prof. Dr. Baris Onol said that a new wave of heat will come on Wednesday. With this heat wave, the perceived temperature will approach 50 degrees. Atmospheric circulation will transfer to our country a wave of heat coming from the Sahara Desert. prof. Dr. Onol said: “The sea is hot enough to be a record. We are moving towards a future that we will never be able to adapt to.” warns.

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