We have lost thousands of people due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras. However, in our cities, affected by the earthquake, there are practically no durable buildings left. For this reason, shelter is the most basic need in a disaster area. On the other hand, despite the fact that a day has passed since the earthquake, the housing problem in the region has not been resolved. The news from the region is that our people, who suffered from the earthquake, still have an acute housing problem. At this point, eyes turned to the Red Crescent, which is expected to solve the problem of sheltering disaster victims in the event of any natural disaster. However, the Red Crescent is on the agenda with the tents he “sold” to the Friends Association, not the tents he sent to the earthquake zone. Let’s look at the details together.

Former Red Crescent President Tekin Kuchukali: “The Red Crescent was unable to respond quickly to the earthquake”

Cumhuriyet columnist Murat Agirel recently made a statement that hit the agenda like a bomb.

In his news story in the Cumhuriyet newspaper, Agirel made accusations that the Red Crescent sold 46 million Turkish liras of tents to the Dude Association on the third day of the earthquake. With this “How many tents did the Red Crescent have on February 6th? How many tents did he put up? He was selling tents to an organization called The Dude? What is the amount of the sale and what is the amount? Were the tents sold to other institutions? To which foundations and associations has the Red Crescent provided food aid? How much is the quantity? How much stock did the Red Crescent Tent Factory and Container Factory have? Where were these reserves distributed? He also stated that he addressed his questions to the institution. The reaction of the Red Crescent to the allegation that the Red Crescent was selling tents to the Dudes Association caused a great public outcry.

Agyrel also shared with his readers the answers he received from Kyzylay to his questions.

In a statement made by the institution, it was stated that the Red Crescent is, by its nature, a “support organization” for the Turkish Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) shelter. In continuation of the statement “The Red Crescent kept up to 40,000 tents in its own reserves before the disaster because of the auxiliary organization TAMP imposed on it. After the disaster, they handed over 54,000 tents to AFAD, along with those provided by them and those who came from their connections. All these tents were distributed in the disaster area under the coordination of AFAD.expressions were used.

The Red Crescent responded to criticism of tent sales by saying that “the cost of raw materials is accepted to ensure continued production of tents”.

Red Crescent Tent

In a statement issued by the institution, “The Ahbap Association decided to support the need for housing in the region with resources received from donors, and at that moment transferred the capacity of tents received from the Red Crescent to the points indicated by AFAD. The Red Crescent appreciated this process in terms of the speedy solution of the housing problems of those affected by natural disasters. In order to ensure continued production of tents, it assumed the cost of raw materials.expressions were used.

The Dude Association announced that 2050 tents have been sent to the earthquake area following an agreement with Kızılay Çadır ve Tekstil A.Ş.

Red Crescent Tent

A statement issued by the association said that various companies were contacted to send tents to the region on the first day of the earthquakes, but the companies were not able to send the tents until a week later. The dude explained that for this reason, they contacted Kızılay subsidiary Kızılay Çadır ve Tekstil A.Ş and bought tents from the company.

This is stated in a message published on the social network of the Akhbap Association. “The companies that we contacted then did not have tents that we could send in the morning to the earthquake zone. They will grow it within 1 week at the earliest. Our friends had a meeting with Kızılay Çadır ve Tekstil A.Ş, which is a subsidiary of Kızılay. We immediately signed a contract for tents, of which we had 2050 tents, and the next morning we sent 2050 tents to the earthquake zone.‘ was stated.

In the early days of the earthquake, there was a great public outcry that the Red Crescent was selling tents to the Dude Association.

Red Crescent Tent

The Red Crescent, which has already been criticized for failing to carry out the necessary interventions in the earthquake area after the earthquake, again became the target of criticism with the emergence of this scandalous situation. Many citizens responded to the Red Crescent’s demand for a tent, which should deliver the tent free of charge to the victims.

Red Crescent President Kerem Kinik made a statement on his Twitter account after a controversial discussion.

Kinik stated in a social media post that Kızılay Tent and Textile is required to guarantee the minimum stock level of tents defined under TAMP and that it satisfies the requirements of the public and international organizations. He stated that the subsidiary transferred sales proceeds to the Red Crescent and that the Red Crescent produced and stocked tents and relief supplies needed in the event of natural disasters and distributed them free of charge to citizens when needed.

Kinik argued that the agreement with the Ahbap Association was “moral, rational and legal”.

The Red Crescent President dismissed criticism of the Red Crescent for selling tents in a statement on his social media account. Kınik, after the reaction “In the early days of the disaster, the Friends Association put up a 2050 tent without a logo, made by Kızılay for a foreign organization, from Kızılay Çadır ve Tekstil A. Red Crescent Tent ve Tekstil AŞ allocated funds received from the Friends Association to supply tent raw materials and planned free production tents in favor of earthquake victims across the Red Crescent. The cooperation between Ahbap and Kyzylai is “moral, rational and legal”. made a statement.

While discussions about “sale of tents” continued, Haluk Levent said: “We bought a jar from Kyzylai for money.”

Stating that AFAD also bought tents from Kızılay with money, Haluk Levent said: “Nobody knows the system. AFAD also buys tents from Kızılay with money and a bill. Let the AFAD officials deny it. If tents intended for export abroad have to be sold, AFAD also buys them for money. There is accounting.” He said.

On the other hand, Haluk Levent stated that while the negotiations to sell the tents were going on, the money was also paid for canned goods bought from Kyzylay. Levent in the relevant part of his applicationWe bought canned red beans in Kyzylay. That’s for me? Even one minute matters. The leadership of the Red Crescent makes a decision and returns the money. I do not know him”. made a statement.

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