According to numerous sources, the world-famous Diablo 4 series will launch in April 2023 and be available for pre-order in December. An XboxEra podcast stated that the game would release in April 2023, while Windows Central’s own sources also confirmed that the release date could change. Officially announced for release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC platforms, the game is scheduled to release in the first half of 2023 under any circumstances.

Upcoming The Game Awards 2022 and Diablo 4 events

It is also reported that Diablo 4, announced in 2019, will meet players during The Game Awards, the world famous awards event in December. It is said that Blizzard will speed up the production process of Diablo 4 before the December The Game Awards. This is also a harbinger of the start of pre-orders for the game.

The site also reveals that Diablo 4, which will come with a host of new features including early access to an open beta in February 2023, will also have a new version for game collectors called the “Premium Physical Collector’s Edition.” The exact day and time of the release of Diablo 4, which is scheduled for April 2023, will be announced during The Game Awards.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to confirm any of these sources and has not responded to any of the rumors. However, the fact that the companies she’s partnered with on games received responses about the game, and that Blizzard hasn’t denied any of them, confirms the allegations.

The Game Awards 2022 event will take place on Thursday, December 8th. This shows that it won’t take long for us to get more details on Diablo 4.

Will we be able to see Diablo 4 on Game Pass?

In addition, Microsoft entered the process of acquiring all video games and studios from Activision Blizzard, including the rights. While the deal hasn’t gone through yet, if it does, it means the possibility of Diablo coming to Xbox Game Pass, and that’s pretty good news for the millions of Game Pass gamers.

The Diablo 4 closed beta is over, and the excitement of the game continues…

Diablo 4 Beta

While players have had the opportunity to try out Diablo 4 in the closed beta, it is clear that the closed beta will end soon. Announced with a stunning cinematic trailer at the 2019 BlizzCon event, Diablo 4 kept all fans of the series on their toes during the long-running production process. It has long been known that Diablo 4’s story, elements, visuals, and gameplay improvements will open up a new vision for players.

Diablo 4 The in-game patch notes also state that the closed beta will end on November 18th. This means players who haven’t been invited yet can still get a chance to get late access. But those who miss the fun; They will have to wait until next year.

At the moment, many different players have been purchased for the closed beta. The two most common complaints were inconsistent scaling in some areas of the game and the game’s difficulty level increasing too quickly. Luckily, the developers are releasing closed betas specifically to fix these issues, because with more feedback, it becomes easier to fix bugs and refine the game.

While Diablo 4 closed beta images are quite scarce so far due to the NDA agreement prohibiting the sharing of screenshots and videos, it can be assumed that these restrictions will be lifted in the open beta that will meet players soon.

Defeat Diablo Immortal and new quests

The new “free” (!) game from Blizzard Diablo Immortal, which met the players quite recently, although its gameplay is very much appreciated; criticized by the players. Offering players an in-game shopping experience where maximizing a single character with end-game hardware can cost $100,000, Diablo Immortal quickly broke records as the game with the worst average user rating in Metacritic history.

The game, which received an 81 out of 100 from critics on Metacritic, was downgraded to 59 following user feedback, and it was also curious if Blizzard would take any action on the matter following this situation. Whether we see the same pattern in Diablo 4 seems to depend on the steps taken or not taken in this regard.

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