Russia issued a statement about the deaths of 89 soldiers and explained that the reason for the deaths of soldiers as a result of rocket fire was their use of mobile phones.

Shortly after midnight on January 1, Ukraine attacked a military facility in Makiivka in the occupied Donetsk region.

The Russian military said soldiers’ use of phones, already banned, allows the enemy to locate their target.

Although the number of people who died in the attack has not been confirmed, the largest recorded death toll was recorded by Russia in the war.

Ukraine claims the figure is much higher, with 400 soldiers killed and 300 wounded in the attack.

A statement made by Russia said that a commission had been set up on the fact of the incident and the incident was being investigated.

However, it was stated that the main reason for the attack was the presence and “heavy use” of mobile phones by soldiers within range of Ukrainian weapons, despite the ban.

The statement indicated that the officials responsible for the investigation would be held accountable and indicated that measures had been taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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