There was a time when Turkish television was full of marriage, chaos, drama, discussions and tears. During this period, the program was watched more than any of its counterparts and more talked about than any of them. Each issue of the marriage program called “Kismetse olur” was watched with interest by millions of people. In a word, the period of Turkish television with the theme of “marriage” passed under the rule of Kismetse Olur … However, after a while a ban appeared that put an end to the magnificent period of marriage programs! For this reason, Kismetse Olur has taken its place on the dusty shelves of history, like all other marriage programs. However, she never lost her place among the beautiful memories of the audience… Moreover, the legend has recently returned! In fact, the legendary program, which reappeared before the audience many years later under the title “Happiness Happens: The Power of Love”, caused a great stir in social networks and became one of the most important stories on the Agenda. Let’s look at the details together…

Kismetse Olur, which began broadcasting in 2015, soon became a program that left its mark on the history of Turkish television.

The program was introduced to viewers by Seda Akgül on the screens of Kanal D. Although it was a program about marriage, it was a program that often experienced fights, discussions and emotional moments in a “reality show” format. It was one of the most popular programs of its time. Kismetse Happened, he was closely followed by millions of people. And every weekday!

The ban on marriage programs in 2017 was the reason that the program, which became a legend of its time, was taken off the air!

Kismetse Olur was first transferred from TV screens to the Kanal D website. However, the most suitable medium for Kismetse Olur was TV screens. That same year, the program, which had not reached the desired level of viewing on the Internet, was officially cancelled.

The legend met with the audience again after 5 years!

If you're lucky it's the power of love

Updated to fit the modern times. But, of course, it retains its original structure, which made Kismetse Olur a legend. In addition, the program will appear before the audience in a new period called “Kismetse Olur: The Power of Love”.

It Happens With Kismet: The Power of Love is streaming on the YouTube channel of the same name in a new period

If you're lucky it's the power of love

The first issue of the program met with the audience on December 13. However, those who have not yet watched the program have a chance to think about the question: who is the host of the Power of Love program? The legendary program is presented by Oikyu Serter, who previously hosted many competitive programs of the new period.

On the other hand, just like in the original format, 9 female and 9 male members are searching for their destiny. In addition, Kismet Happens: The Power of Love includes many well-known names from social networks in accordance with the spirit of the new era.

It happens to fate: The power of love is also on the social media agenda.

If you're lucky it's the power of love

Many users of social networks did not remain indifferent to the return of the legendary program to the air. Users expressed their opinions and thoughts about the program and contestants in their social media accounts. Here are some of those social media posts…

















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