Recently, technology has become an important part of human life more than ever before. However, there are other things that have long been one of the most basic elements of everyday life, mobile phones and social networks. These elements, which have played a decisive role in human life in recent times, have led to the emergence of a new Phubbing behavior! Whether they realize it or not, millions of people are exhibiting this new form of behavior called phubbing, and often!

However, phubbing is a very serious threat to modern romantic relationships. Phubbing, formed by a combination of the English words phone (telephone) and snubbing, basically means “burying a person on the phone even in the presence of other people.” This new behavior may seem so innocent. However, according to scientific research, it has a very negative effect on human relationships, especially romantic relationships. Let’s get acquainted with the most dangerous enemy of modern romantic relationships.

What is phubbing?

Derived from a combination of the English words “telephone” and “disregard”, phubbing is a term used to refer to the behavior of constantly making phone calls in front of other people. It also often means that people who behave this way don’t care about or belittle their environment.

The concept of phubbing first appeared in 2012 during a public relations campaign for a famous Australian dictionary.


During the campaign, a website was launched with the theme “Stop phubbing” and thus the word phubbing came into common use. The purpose of the campaign was to draw attention to this new and dangerous form of behaviour.

Some scientific studies show that the average person spends 3 hours 23 minutes per day on their phone.

Again, according to some scientific studies, many people check their phones at least 58 times a day. Experts say that long hours spent on the phone are a very serious threat to eye health. But there are other things that are compromised by phubbing.

According to Eslam El-Saggaf, author of The Psychology of Phubbing, phubbing is an extremely serious threat to romantic relationships.

According to research done by El-Saggaf, an associate professor of information technology at Charles Sturt University in Australia, phubbing mostly affects spouses. Phubbing makes the party subjected to this behavior in a romantic relationship feel excluded. On the other hand, in a relationship where phubbing has become commonplace, one party suspects that she has been tricked. All this makes phubbing one of the most dangerous enemies of modern relationships.

People who talk on the phone often unconsciously send negative messages to those around them.


Research shows that close friends, siblings, children, and parents suffer the most from this behavior after spouses. In other words, phone addicts mainly affect their immediate environment with their negative behavior. For example, children often think that their parents are not interested in them when they are exposed to such behavior and feel rejected. So romance isn’t the only thing that hurts phubbing. Such interesting behavior negatively affects all relationships in general.

Phubbing is closely related to the “fear of being overlooked”.


According to experts, the need to be aware of social networks and the fear of losing sight of what is happening on social networks are among the factors that cause phone addiction and phubbing. However, some experiments show that people who are deprived of their phones have a hard time concentrating on anything. For this reason, some scientists believe that the presence of mobile phones provides some people with significant psychological relief and increases their ability to concentrate.

What can be done to get rid of phubbing?


If there is someone in your life who is often immersed in their phone and keeps their interaction with the environment to a minimum, i.e. “fablit” you, the best thing you can do is raise this issue accordingly. In some cases, “could you pay attentionEven a simple warning like “may help your relationship avoid a serious threat.

However, if the phubbing behavior continues, it may be necessary to give more detailed explanations to the other party and even lay down some ground rules for using the phone. For example, don’t use your phone at dinner or stop using your phone a few hours before bed. On the other hand, if you are a fabber in your relationship, that is, a person who is referred to as a “fabber” in the relationship, thinking carefully about your phone use can help you resolve the issue before you get in big trouble with your partner.

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