There are dozens of countries in the world with very different characteristics. Some countries stand out for their unique natural beauties, others for their valuable cultural heritage. Others are known for their harsh living conditions. However, the island country of Tuvalu, located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia, is different from all the countries you know. Tuvalu is the “narrowest” country in the world.

This unusual name makes interesting both the country and the life of its inhabitants. The cultural structures and way of life of the people living in Tuvalu, as well as their material and physical life, are shaped in accordance with this “narrowness”. Here’s what you need to know about Tuvalu, the narrowest country in the world.

Tuvalu is a small island country located in the South Pacific between Hawaii and Australia.

However, in total, the country consists of 9 islands. Of these islands, 4 are reef and 5 are coral.

Only 11,900 people live in Tuvalu.

In other words, Tuvalu is the least populated country in the world after the Vatican. In addition, Tuvalu is the least populated member of the United Nations. More than half of the country’s population lives in the capital, Funafuti.

The country declared its independence in 1978.

Prior to this date, it existed as part of the United Kingdom. However, Tuvalu is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In other words, the official ruler of the country is King III, who recently crowned the United Kingdom. Charles.

Like many island countries, it has breathtaking natural beauty.

Pristine beaches, clear ocean water and lush trees make Tuvalu a top tourist attraction. However, none of these natural beauties make the country interesting.

Tuvalu is the narrowest country in the world!

The average width of the country is only 1.8 kilometers. The widest point of Tuvalu is only 5 kilometers long. Tuvalu is a slender, long, narrow and rather interesting country stretching across the South Pacific! Of course, this extraordinary title is the most important factor that increases the popularity of the country. However, this situation also creates serious problems for the people of Tuvalu.

The highest point in the country above sea level is only 4.8 meters.


For this reason, Tuvalu is almost always in danger of being flooded by rising ocean waters.

Life in the narrowest country in the world is much more difficult than it seems


First, the supply of drinking water in this small island country is very limited. In addition, it is not easy to conduct agricultural production in the country due to the extreme shortage of land. Therefore, people living in Tuvalu have to outsource almost all the products they need.

Almost everything necessary for human life is imported into Tuvalu, including water and food.


But the country’s supply chain hangs in the balance. Because transportation to the country can only be provided by sea. For this reason, even bad weather conditions make it very difficult to get to the country, and sometimes even make it impossible. For this reason, people living in Tuvalu must be prepared for all kinds of negative conditions at all times and build their lives accordingly.

The narrowest country in the world cannot expand. Therefore, the “development” of Tuvalu is a distant dream.


Limited land is a situation that deeply affects all areas of the country, from urbanization to population planning, from manufacturing to infrastructure. In other words, the geographical structure of the country is one of the most important obstacles to development. The people of Tuvalu must organize their lives in accordance with this extraordinary reality in order to continue living here.

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