Beauty has been an important concept in all periods of history. In particular, the appearance of a woman in ancient times was considered an indicator of social status. However, we should not forget that beauty standards are temporary. Look at the beauty standards of the nineties. If earlier straight and slender bodies were considered beautiful, now thin waist and full bodies are more beautiful. In this article, we will talk about some of the extreme beauty trends that women have done to look beautiful throughout history.

1 Tiny feet

This beauty movement, known as the Golden Lotus, originated in China in the thirteenth century. Because the most adored and preferred women of the time had tiny feet. Girls tied their toes from a very young age. It was called “lotus foot”.

2. One goat hair eyebrow


Strange as it may seem now, people who lived in ancient Greece considered women with one eyebrow attractive. In fact, women who lack one eyebrow used to glue goat hair with tree resin and dye the middle of their eyebrows black to achieve this look.

3. Eat worms to lose weight


In almost all periods of history, thinness was considered a beauty trend. In the early 1900s, women ate intestinal worms to look slimmer. These worms, also called tapeworms, were put into tablets when they were younger and eaten that way. The rationale for this is that tapeworms grow in the intestines to eat food and thus cause weight loss. When a person achieved his goal, he took an antiparasitic pill and got rid of the tapeworm. However, tapeworms can grow up to 9 feet tall. It can cause side effects such as epilepsy and dementia. That’s why it’s so dangerous.

4. Appearance of tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is also known as human tuberculosis. One of the most extreme beauty trends of the Victorian era was the tuberculosis look. Women liked the appearance caused by this disease, including pale skin, red lips, and a thin waist.

5. Poison eyes


During the Renaissance in Italy, large pupils were considered a feature inherent only in beautiful ladies. To do this, women poured poison from the belladonna plant into their eyes. Of course, this trend is very, very undesirable, as Belladonna has side effects such as blinding people, blurred vision, and increased heart rate.

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6. Eye makeup with dangerous chemicals

The ancient Egyptians are known for their bold and bold eye makeup. At that time, of course, there were no shadows and eyeliners that we use today. Instead, they prepared a mixture of green copper ore, lead sulfide, and lead-based suspensions to create a dark make-up. While the result is iconic, all of these substances used are extremely dangerous.

7. Pigeon droppings against baldness

Throughout human history, baldness has always been a big problem. So much so that some extreme steps have been taken in the past to get rid of the problem. To remove hair, the ancient Greeks used a paste of cumin, pigeon droppings, horseradish and nettle. No one will be surprised if we say that this mixture does not work.

8. Dimple Machine

A dimple is a type of genetic disorder that is the absence of musculature in the cheek. Despite this, dimples have been considered a symbol of beauty almost throughout history. In fact, you can now have fake dimples as an operation. Prior to this operation, in 1936, Isabella Gilbert invented a rather interesting apparatus. You can see this car in the photo above, we really didn’t know what to say.

9. Eyebrowless and large foreheads

Queen Elizabeth I was considered a symbol of intelligence. In those days, women found eyebrowlessness and a large forehead very attractive. To do this, they used bandages soaked in walnut oil, ammonia and vinegar. We have no idea why they didn’t just shave off their eyebrows.

10. Black teeth

Once upon a time in Vietnam, black teeth were considered a sign of beauty. But this trend also had a deeper meaning. Associated with spiritual beliefs, black teeth were believed to protect against bad energy. However, achieving such an image was not easy. We don’t know how they did it, but we do know that the girls started the process when they were only 13 years old.

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