Ordinary dreams are psychic experiences that usually occur during REM sleep (rapid eye movement). Our dreams are the doors to our subconscious. In particular, the events we throw into ourselves happen during REM sleep.

The unconscious is made up of mental processes that have a profound effect on our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Experiences, emotions and thoughts that we have accumulated in our subconscious can be reflected in our dreams.

For example, a stressful situation that we experience during the day continues to be processed in our subconscious and can manifest itself in a dream in the form of a dream. In addition, problems or fears that we experience in real life are often reflected in our dreams.

Our dreams can help us understand the emotions and thoughts in our subconscious and can act as a form of therapy. Psychologists believe that the symbolism in our dreams is directly related to what our subconscious is trying to tell us. In this article, we will tell you about 6 common dreams that should not be ignored and their meanings.

1. Persecution

It is quite common to dream that someone is chasing you, and there is an important reason for this. Dream experts believe that if you are being haunted in your sleep, you are probably avoiding facing something in your life.

You may feel like you are letting your emotions run wild or you are missing out on life. You are simply afraid that your life will be turned upside down for one reason or another. Being chased in a dream may indicate that it’s time to face what you’ve been avoiding.

2. Taking the exam

How scary it is to take an exam in a dream, especially if you don’t know anything. According to experts, this means that you are overwhelmed by the expectations of yourself and others regarding you. Time to take a break and listen.

3. Death

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Dreaming about death may mean that you have given too much of yourself, that you are not appreciated, or that you feel that your efforts are consuming you. This dream is a sign of mental fatigue and is interpreted as the need to control what you spend your energy on.

4. Former lover

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Just because your ex is dreaming about you doesn’t mean you want to be with him again! If you are with someone new, you may feel neglected or that your needs are not being met. You may even subconsciously know that this new person is not for you.

5. Missing teeth

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If your teeth fall out in a dream, you may feel unable to take care of yourself. Experts believe that the reason for this may be the fear of losing the ability to take care of oneself and take care of oneself. Teeth are tools for eating. This is why our subconscious associates our teeth with the ability to survive. If your teeth fall out in a dream, you probably feel that you are unable to satisfy your own needs.

6. Being naked

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To dream that you are naked is actually associated with the fear of revealing what you are hiding. There may be a side to you that you don’t want others to see, being naked in a dream means that you are afraid of the situation being exposed.

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