The economic crisis in our country is deepening every day. Millions of citizens are feeling the effects of the high cost of living caused by the economic crisis. So much so that many people have difficulty even accessing basic food. On the other hand, car prices in our country have recently increased astronomically. Buying a new or used car is a distant dream for millions of people. Those who can buy cars become the target of sale and purchase scams. Because the exorbitant rise in prices in the automotive industry plays into the hands of some malicious people in the business of buying and selling used cars!

One of the clearest examples of this situation is revealed in the latest TikTok post by a person who produces a buy-sell video under the username @6ilerimetehan. TikTok user @6ilerimetehan reveals how he scammed people when selling cars and how he made thousands of lira from a car sales business. And all the details, all the subtleties! Of course, this scam “confession” video, which went viral on social media in a short amount of time, caused a lot of backlash. Let’s look at the details together.

Some malicious car owners are taking advantage of rising new car prices to open the doors to cars they want to sell in astronomical numbers.

As a result, the auto industry, which already has a fairly large “high price problem”, is facing a deepening crisis.

Recently, exorbitantly rising car prices are forcing some dealers to earn thousands of lire unfairly.

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Some malicious car dealers inflate the prices of the cars they sell using unimaginable tricks. Not limited to this, scammers also avoid paying taxes in many ways!

Taking advantage of the crisis in the automotive industry, sales scammers are unfairly earning thousands of lire even from a single sale transaction.

What’s more, some brag about all these social media scams!

The user, who shares sales-related videos on TikTok as @6ilerimetehan, explains in detail how he used a ploy to increase the price of a car sold, how he used tax evasion methods, and how he made thousands of dollars. lira of unfair profits!

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Here is a video where TikTok user @6ilerimitehan happily talks about his trading skills 👇

The video of the sale, which went viral in a short time, sparked a strong reaction on social media.

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Even at a time when car prices in our country are rising day by day and this has become one of the “bleeding wounds”, many social media users reacted strongly to the man who made incredible profits through various fraudulent methods and boasted of the tricks he used. Here are some of those reactions on social media.














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