Dreams are one of the most unusual elements of human life. Scientists have been doing extensive research on dreams for a long time. Thus, we get a lot of important information about dreams. However, the riddles about dreams have not completely disappeared. For this reason, many people are quite curious about the mundane yet strange element of everyday life. Moreover, there are people who go to the next level to satisfy their curiosity! Mikhail Raduga is one of them…

Although a Russian citizen named Mikhail Raduga has no scientific qualifications, he wanted to contribute to the work of scientists on dreams, bought a household drill in a hardware store and did a very interesting “scientific” study in the living room of his house! Mikhail Raduga pierced his skull with an ordinary drill and allegedly implanted a microchip in his brain to “control his own dreams”! Let’s take a look at the details of the most interesting dream research of the last period!

Dreams are one of the most interesting phenomena in human life.

Although the scientific study of dreams has provided us with some important information about this interesting phenomenon, the mysterious nature of dreams has not been fully elucidated.

Dreams with a lot of unknowns are one of the priority areas of study for some “amateur researchers”!

Here is 40-year-old Russian citizen Mikhail Raduga, who is engaged in various dream studies. But this interesting person has no scientific qualifications. However, he dreams of being able to control his own dreams and a research center that provides advice on sleep issues, astral travel and dreams!

Mikhail Raduga performed a very interesting operation to manage his dreams

However, this was not an easy task even for a man like Rainbow, who devoted his life to the study of dreams. Eager to make an important contribution to the scientific world with his outstanding work, Rainbow started by watching videos of brain surgery on YouTube! With a degree in brain surgery, he decided to take action!

Rainbow dug a hole in his own skull after a 10-hour operation!

Mikhail Raduga, who managed to implant a microchip that he believed would allow him to control his dreams through a hole he made in his skull, did the whole operation alone!

The Russian “researcher” shared his thoughts and the results of the operation on his personal social media account!

Mikhail Rainbow

How He Performed This Extraordinary “Dream Control Operation”“I took a drill, drilled a hole in my head and inserted an electrode into my brain.“he decided.

Rainbow claims that this historically interesting research creates “great prospects for future dream control technologies”!

Mikhail Rainbow

On the other side “You cannot touch, eat or enjoy virtual reality technology. Such technologies are limited, they are great, they are very good, but they have their limitations. Sooner or later we will understand that in general we have a world where everything is possible.He doesn’t miss the opportunity to mention the importance of learning to control dreams!

Raduga, who was willing to “sacrifice” himself for the sake of science, also faced some difficulties during the operation.

    Mikhail Rainbow

Rainbow said in a recent interview:I’m happy to survive but I was ready to die“It starts with a sentence! In his related interview, this dedicated researcher also touches on some of the difficulties he faced while working on himself.

Raduga says he wanted to give up at 30 minutes into the 10-hour operation and was afraid of losing consciousness. However, the man, who continued the operation thanks to his scientific curiosity, adds that he lost more than a liter of blood during the operation.

Scientists remind that the extraordinary study of the Rainbow has no scientific validity, and that this is an extremely dangerous act.

Mikhail Rainbow

For example, Alex Green, a neurosurgeon at the University of Oxford, argues that this is a great chance for Rainbow to survive or continue her life without any permanent damage.

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