Extraordinary illnesses, miraculous rescues, or patients that amaze doctors… The history of medicine is full of extremely interesting, even incredible cases! However, it is almost impossible to come across a case as interesting as a man named Sanju Bhagat! Born into a poor Indian family in the 1960s, Sanju Bhagat showed no signs of becoming one of the most interesting cases in medical history in his early years.

However, when he was 20 years old, this unfortunate man’s stomach grew to such an extent that it amazed those who saw it. Of course, the cause of such an abnormal situation was not the extra weight gained by Bhagat, who was an extremely poor man, and not a stomach tumor. What made Bhagat’s stomach swell up was none other than his twin brother who lived there for exactly 36 years! Let’s take a look at the incredible story of one of the most interesting patients in the history of medicine, Sanju Bhagat.

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Sanju Bhagat was born in 1963 in Nagpur, India.

Like many people living in the city, Bhagat started his life in a very poor family. For this reason, from a young age, he had to work very hard jobs in order to contribute to the household and support his family.

This struggle for life, which he continued under difficult conditions, became one of the important elements that shaped the character of Bhagat. Bhagat grew up to be a man who worked non-stop throughout his life and never complained about anything. In the first years of his life, he showed no signs of illness or anomalies. But when he turned 20, the life of this young and hardworking man completely changed.

Sanju Bhagat’s belly began to grow unexpectedly

Sanju Bhagat

The reason for this unusual growth was not that he gained weight. Bhagat could barely support himself and his family despite working almost day and night at a very hard and stressful job. The reason for the anomaly that appeared in the body of Bhagat could not be understood for a long time.

Since Bhagat believed that if he went to the hospital he would lose his job, on the other hand, he thought that he would not be able to afford the necessary treatment fees. For this reason, the young man was in no hurry to go to the hospital.

This anomaly, the cause of which is unknown, led to the poor farmer being referred to as a pregnant man in the area where he lived.

For many years, a pregnant man from India had to endure sarcastic looks and stinging remarks from people around him.

Sanju Bhagat

He probably would have put up with sarcastic looks and caustic remarks for the rest of his life, if his incredibly overgrown stomach did not prevent him from breathing and did not pose a serious danger to his life!

Sanju Bhagat, who was unable to breathe due to an abnormally enlarged belly, was hospitalized in Mumbai in 1999.

When doctors at the hospital first saw Bhagat’s huge stomach, which looked like it was about to explode, they easily diagnosed him: Bhagat had a fatal giant tumor in his stomach and needed immediate help. The operation began under the guidance of a doctor named Ajay Mehta. But when the operation was over, the doctors found a person, not a dangerous tumor!

Taking on the lead role in one of the most interesting cases in the history of medicine, Sanju Bhagat lived with his twin brother, who developed in his stomach for 36 years!

Sanju Bhagat

Ajay Mehta, who operated on Bhagat, said of the moment at the end of the operation that instead of parts of a tumor, he was confronted with human limbs:We were horrified. We were bewildered and stunned… Meeting the man inside surprised and frightened me at the same time. It was a shock for me.He used the words “…

At first, doctors thought this unusual case was vanishing twin syndrome.

Sanju Bhagat

However, in this syndrome, one of the twins died during pregnancy. Whereas Bhagat’s twin brother was not fully developed, but was biologically alive!

Bhagat anomaly was caused by an extremely rare syndrome called a fetus in a fetus.

Sanju Bhagat

rough syndrome; In twin pregnancy, this is defined as the development of one baby inside the other. In this syndrome, the child developing inside uses the body of his brother or sister as a host, as a parasite. Experts state that the syndrome is extremely dangerous for the host, and its symptoms often appear at an early age.

In this regard, Sanju Bhagat, who managed to ignore his twin brother living in his womb for 36 years, becomes a much, much rarer case! Finally, we recall that a man who lived with his twin brother for 36 years continued his life from the place where he left off after separation, which entered the history of medicine.

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