Today we will tell you an interesting story. Massachusetts Resident Virginia Nolte Says She’s Allergic To Her Boyfriend! Because every time a 22-year-old girl goes to her lover, rashes appear on her body. This has been going on since last winter. Interestingly, this unusual event was interpreted by many on the Internet as a sign of “treason.” Come on, let’s look at the details together.

Virginia Nolte, 22-year-old ordinary woman living in Massachusetts.

Until December 2022, everything in her life was too ordinary. However, she fell in love with a man named Steve Johnson, whom she met on the dating app Bumble. Everything was going well for the young couple until physical intimacy began! Nolte’s body turned red whenever they got together.

Nolte, who has dealt with eczema and other skin conditions in the past, didn’t think it was related to his girlfriend at first. However, the symptoms only appeared in the presence of a lover.

allergic to my boyfriend

From that moment on, everything started to deteriorate. He initially described his symptoms as “seasonal allergies”. However, it is a coincidence that the “seasonal allergy” only manifested itself when she met her lover.

It wasn’t until six months later that Nolte put it all together and came to the conclusion that Steve might be the problem.

allergic to my boyfriend

When she first came to her lover’s house, her eyes began to itch and her body turned red. After leaving home, these complaints quickly disappeared.

So Nolte realized she was allergic to her boyfriend.

allergic to my boyfriend

The confused woman at first attributed it to the weather at her lover’s house or to the body product Steve was using. Steve changed washing powders, toiletries, and perfumes to test this theory, but nothing changed. Nolth was still reacting to himself.

A young woman who visited a dermatologist, two allergists and an ophthalmologist in May could not find a clear answer to her problem.

Meanwhile, thoughts that his beloved was the cause of the situation grew like an avalanche. At one point, Nolte had such a severe allergic reaction that he was even taken to the emergency room.

Social media users believe Nolte’s allergies are caused by Steve cheating on him.

However, Nolte does not pay much attention to these rumors. Speaking of the fact that this situation is very stressful for both of them, the woman uses the following expressions: “After all, they don’t know me, they don’t know him, and they don’t know about our relationship.”

Currently, the cause of Knolt’s strange allergy has not been found, but is still under investigation.

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