Imagine… One night you fall asleep, when you wake up, exactly 32 years have passed. The world that you know has changed, your loved ones have aged 32 years… Sounds so scary, doesn’t it? What if we tell you that this story is true? Karolina Olsson, 14, slept one night and didn’t wake up for 32 years. Let’s look at the details of this interesting story together, which will not look like horror films.

Born in 1862, Caroline Olsson lived an ordinary life with her four siblings on the Swedish island of Window.

However, the life of her and her family was forever changed when the young girl fell to the ground. Caroline tripped on her way home from school and hit her head hard on the pavement. Her wounds healed and the girl went on with her life. Everyone thought he had made a full recovery. However, on February 22, 1876, Caroline, then 14 years old, began to complain that she had a toothache. Her family thought she was being affected by “magic” and sent her to bed. At that time, no one knew that the young girl would not wake up for 32 years. Caroline’s dream will last 32 years.

Doctors who examined the girl considered the situation confusing. Unlike the typical post-accident coma, Karolina looked dead but was alive.


However, it was strange that the young girl’s hair and nails did not grow, and she did not lose weight, although she did not eat anything. In 1882, six years later, Karolina was transferred to Oskarshamn for electroshock treatment. However, this treatment did not help. The doctors sent her home again and told her parents that only a miracle could save the girl. Carolina did not eat solid food in her sleep, but fed on sweetened milk. The hospital diagnosis was that he was suffering from a type of dementia-related stroke. The interesting thing about this case is that despite his physical condition, his mind was still active because he could react to his environment. His parents realized this years later when one of his siblings died. Although Caroline was still in a deep sleep, she was crying.

On April 3, 1908, a woman working at home found Caroline crawling on the floor.

He appeared weak and pale, was sensitive to light, and had difficulty speaking. The news caused great excitement. Reporters, doctors and enthusiasts came to Okno to hear about his experience. However, when the young girl woke up, she could not remember anything about the past 32 years. According to her, she was still a 14-year-old girl and woke up in the morning after sleeping through the night. Whereas Carolina was now 46 years old. Oddly enough, he looked young, like someone in his 25-30 years. He underwent a psychiatric examination in Stockholm and was found to have retained all the powers he had before he fell asleep.

Today there are cases who spend most of their time sleeping.

A woman named Beth Goodier, who suffers from Klein-Levin syndrome, experiences many months of sleep between them, when she can only be awake for a few hours. There is a theory that claims that Carolina also has moments when she can talk and eat, but it is not possible to confirm this with certainty. However, we do know that Karolina lived her life without any problems for 40 years after awakening and never experienced problems with integration into society.

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