Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya expressed the sacrifice of the Turkish police in a statement on his social media account.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said: “Our police force is the epitome of compassion, trust, loyalty, heroism and vision. Goodbye,” he said.

Minister Yerlikaya shared on his Twitter account: “He is against those who have no conscience”, which the founder of the republic, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, used for the Turkish police. reminded me of his words.

Claiming that the Turkish police rescued cars on the road under heavy snow by pushing them with their hands, Yerlikaya said: “The flood carries our old uncle, whom he holds by the hand, safe and sound to his house. This is between TOMs and flames to put out forest fires. He brings the child, who was pulled out from under the rubble during the earthquake, to his mother and accepts the mother’s prayer. Our sparkling eyes make our puppies cross the smiling face safely.” made statements.

“Our police are the epitome of foresight”

In her post, Interior Minister Yerlikaya stated the following:

“He feeds our dear friends from his hands. The Turkish policeman is Fethi Sekin, he defends himself, heroically defies the terrorists, knowing that he will become a martyr… Alp Efe Bekit is our policeman who died at a young age as a result of a motorcycle hit while ensuring road safety. Our police force is the epitome of compassion, trust, loyalty, heroism and vision. Good luck. God bless you all.”

In the message of Minister Yerlikay, a video was also prepared with images and photographs of the moments when the Turkish police were with citizens and performed various duties.

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