The head of the presidential administration, Vladimir Putin, made a statement about Bakhmut.

A year has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the process, Putin’s invasion plans did not go as he expected. The Russian army occupying Kyiv planned to overthrow the government and introduce a puppet political name into the administration.

The arrival of the HIMARS long-range multiple launch rocket system in Ukraine first stopped the advance of the Russian invaders, then a counterattack was carried out. Coming into action at the end of the summer, for the first time in several days, the Ukrainian troops cleared the second largest city of the country, Kharkiv, from Russian invaders. The victory in Kharkov, located near the Russian border, raised eyebrows around the world.

US sends Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Germany also accepted the deportation of leopards to the Eastern European country. He said that the United States would send several dozen M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. An unnamed official told the New York Times that the number of tanks to be sent to Ukraine could range from 30 to 50.

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