Fashion and textile design expert Dr. Teacher member Havva Gülçin Üstün said, “It creates significant budget savings for consumers who want to buy basic clothes.”

 ‘It should not be more than 30-40 pieces’

 In order to reflect both the fashion of the period and a refined taste, it is of great importance to choose basic pieces from simple and timeless pieces in terms of fabric, color, pattern and style. “

Jewelries, scarves, bags, ties, hats and shoes that complement basic clothing can vary according to the lifestyle. It does not exceed 40 pieces,” said Üstün, adding that a capsule wardrobe has been created for the highly admired. moving towards a minimal lifestyle.

 Recommendations for creating a capsule wardrobe

 “In a world where the consumption of capsule wardrobes is increasing day by day, it is an ideal alternative to simplifying wardrobes, being prepared easily and quickly, and participating in daily life, work or social circles.

It simplifies the question,” said Dr. Lecturer Havva Gülçin Üstün made suggestions for the creation of a capsule wardrobe:

  •  – Jacket (maximum 5 pieces), skirt (3 pieces), trousers (5 pieces), dresses (3 pieces), coats (1-2 pieces), coats (1 piece), trench coat (1 piece), women’s coats ( 1 pc)
  •  – Men’s suits (maximum 3 pieces), jacket (2 pieces), sports trousers (4 pieces), classic shirt (4 pieces
  •  – Shoes and bag or portfolio (4 pieces) if used

 Havva Gülçin Üstün, a member of DR.Lehrer, said: “Men’s turtleneck or crew-neck sweaters can be easily combined with sports jackets or trousers. However, items such as underwear, daily clothes worn at home, socks, sportswear and pajamas are not included in this number.

Clothes should be stored separately. The easiest way to create a capsule wardrobe is to adjust the seasons with 6-month changes.”