The first half of the Premier League, which witnessed great excitement, fierce competition and many discussions, ended with the nineteenth week remaining. As the 2022 World Cup was held in the past days, the second half of the 65 Premier League season will continue without interruption. The second half will start with matches to be played next week. However, in the first half of the Premier League, many impressive stats emerged. In the first half, Galatasaray was in the lead. Fenerbahçe is the team that scored the most goals in the first half. The yellow and dark blue team is second, just behind Galatasaray. Besiktas and Trabzonspor, the other greats in the Super League, were far from the top in the first half.

On the other hand, football fans had the chance to witness a total of 501 goals in 170 matches played in the first half. Out of 170 matches, the home team won 73 times and the lost teams 52 times. In 45 matches, the teams have not been able to gain an advantage over each other. Here is a panorama of the first half of the Super League…

Galatasaray finished the first half of the 2022-2023 Serie A season on top

The yellow-red team has accumulated 42 points with a record of 13 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws in the past 19 weeks. Thus, it finished the first half of the 65th Premier League season as leaders, 4 points behind its closest rivals.

The team, which was at the top in the field with an average of 14 shots and 7 shots per game, remained at 2. In the first half of the Super League, Galatasaray aired the opponent’s net 36 times and scored 13 goals in their citadel. Having completed the first half of the Super League at the top, Bafetimbi Gomis was the player who contributed the most goals to his team with 8 goals. After Gomis, the top scorers were Galatasaray Kerem Akturkoglu (7) and Mauro Icardi (5).

During the first half, the yellow-red team’s most stable name was Victor Nilsson, who was on the defensive. Nelson played all 18 games in the first half and was on the court for 1,620 minutes.

Fenerbahçe, top scorer in the first half

Fenerbahçe, who started the season under the management of Jorge Jesus, were particularly appreciated for their performances in the first weeks of the Super League. While the yellow and dark blue team managed to beat their opponents in 12 of the 18 matches, they left the field sadly 4 times. The yellow and dark blue team left the field twice in a tie. With a total of 38 points with 12 wins and two draws in the first half, Fenerbahçe finished the first half in second place, 4 points behind leaders Galatasaray.

Fenerbahçe, which conceded the opponent’s net 44 times during the first half, also managed to be the team that scored the most goals in the league. The team of first-half scorers averaged 11.2 shots and 5.6 shots on goal per game. He also ranks first in the field with an average of 2.4 goals per game.

Fenerbahçe’s top scorer in the first half was Ener Valencia, who aired the opponent’s net 15 times in the 15 matches he served. Michy Batshuayi contributed eight goals, and Joshua King, Diego Rossi and Irfan Kahveshi contributed three goals each. The most stable pair of Fenerbahçe came out in the first half from the defensive line. Attila Szalay, who worked in defense with goalkeeper Altay Binder, was on the field for 1,620 minutes in the first half of the Premier League.

Besiktas’ performance in the first half disappointed the fans

Starting the season with Valerian Ismail, the black and white team decided to continue with Şenol Güneş in the next period. Besiktas scored 32 points in the first half with 9 wins, 5 losses and 3 draws in 17 matches. And while the Istanbul representative managed to score 32 goals against opponents in these matches, he could not avoid seeing 21 goals in his castle.

The more stable name for the black and white team was Wout Weghorst, who had recently left the team. The Dutch footballer stayed on the field for 1426 minutes in the 16 matches in which he participated. On the other hand, the best scorer for the whites and blacks was again the Dutch player. Weghorst managed 8 goals in 16 matches.

Trabzonspor remained 10 points off the top at the end of the first half

After winning the championship last year, Trabzonspor started the 2022-2023 season with the goal of becoming champions. However, the first half of the Premier League was not going well for the blue team. Trabzonspor managed to leave with only 9 wins out of the remaining 18 matches. Bordeaux Blue players collected 32 points with 5 draws and three defeats during the first half and finished the first half in sixth place, 10 points behind leaders Galatasaray.

The most different victory in the first half was that of Galatasaray.

The first half of the 65th Premier League season was the scene of high-scoring matches. The match with the highest goals scored in the first half was played between Fenerbahçe and Karagumruk. The match ended 5-4, with Fenerbahçe winning. In the Alanyaspor-Trabzonspor match that was held in the third week of the first half, 7 goals were scored. Annibar managed to beat Trabzonspor with a score of 5-2.

The most different victory came in the remaining 19 weeks from Galatasaray. Playing against Basaksehir in the 14th week, the yellow-red players left the field with a 7-0 victory and scored the most distinctive victory in the first half.

Fenerbahçe’s Enner Valencia tops the list of “scorers” with 15 goals

Premier League

Haci Rayet of Antalyaspor, Mbaye Diagne and Fabio Borini of Karagumruk are among the top scorers in the first half with 10 goals each. “Assistant Kings” in the first half of Karagumruk. Fabio Borini and Kanner Erkin, who gave their teammates 6 goals, are at the top in this field.

Istanbul Sporlu David Jensen who scored the most goals in the first half

Premier League

Jensen, who scored 36 goals in 18 matches, is the goalkeeper who conceded the most goals in the first half. Ers Kardishler of Hatayspor conceded 33 goals in 18 matches, while Ertuğrul Tashkeran of Kasimpasa conceded 29 goals in 17 matches.

45 red cards and 793 yellow cards appeared in the first half of the Premier League

Premier League

Arda Kardesler, who whistled in 11 different matches, became the most served referee in the first half. Zorbay Küçük and Ali ansalan are recorded as the referees who have shown the most yellow cards 45 times in 9 matches each. Ali Balbek was red-carded 5 times in 7 matches and became the referee who showed the most red cards in the first half. Atilla Karaoğlan, Mert Gouzing, Suat Arslanboga and Volkan Bayarslan, who each managed 7 matches, did not use the red card in the first half.

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