Adolf Hitler, one of the most tragic events in human history, World War II. He was a bloody dictator who unleashed World War II. Hitler wanted Europe to be occupied by the Nazis. Throughout the war, countless people died in the line of fire, and thousands more perished in Nazi prisoner-of-war camps, subjected to horrific torture. But Hitler, one of the greatest villains history has ever seen, was not going to stop. He wanted to conquer all of Europe. With each passing day, German troops opened a new front in the war, and the Nazis deployed unprecedented weapons of death to the front as a result of Hitler’s unstoppable drive for conquest. But among the stunning Nazi weapons, there was one far more interesting than the others: Pervitin.

Pervitin was not capable of long-range fire like the massive German tanks and did not explode when thrown into enemy troops. In fact, from the outside it was even more harmless than a slingshot! However, it was still one of the Nazis’ most feared weapons. Moreover, it was used not against the enemy, but against the Nazi soldiers. This most terrible weapon of Hitler was nothing more than a drug that turned the Nazis from ordinary people into super-powered soldiers …

Germany, II. It was a country where drug use was fairly common before World War II.

So much so that 40 percent of drug production in Europe was carried out in Germany. Germany, defeated in the First World War, faced a serious drug problem. Many drugs were sold under the brand name “sedatives” or “performance enhancers”. There were almost no restrictions on drug use in Germany.

The drug problem in Germany was so big that even Adolf Hitler was famous for his anti-drug campaigns.

Hitler’s anti-drug campaign was well received by the public. The “savior” of the German nation was seen as the only person who could also solve the drug problem in the country. Hitler continued his anti-drug campaigns after he came to power. However, Hitler, famous for his war on drugs, depended on drugs in his war on the world.

Pervitin was developed by physician and chemist Fritz Hauschild.

A patent for a drug containing methamphetamine was obtained in 1937. Fritz Hauschild started commercializing the drug only a year later, in 1938. Pervitin was advertised as a “harmless performance enhancer” with a successful advertising campaign.

The drug was used by a wide variety of strata of society, from workers to housewives, from students to scientists. Because it was quite cheap and really effective in increasing productivity. He became the savior of people, especially those who had to work in harsh conditions …

Otto Ranke, a doctor, came up with the idea that this performance-enhancing pill could also be used on soldiers.

Thus began the first trials of pervitin on Nazi soldiers. The results were absolutely incredible! Nazi soldiers who received pervitin became fearless and cheerful, could spend more than three days without sleep, and could walk 60 kilometers without rest.

The drug that turned the Nazis into super-soldiers was widely used by soldiers on different fronts of the Great Patriotic War. He played a key role in the Nazi victories in Poland, France and the Balkans. It was reported that the Nazi troops on some fronts, thanks to the drug, could continuously fight for 11 days!

A miracle that revives dying soldiers!


One of the reports that most clearly demonstrates how effective and terrible the drug Pervitin was was written by Otto Ranke, who came up with the idea to use the drug on soldiers. “I decided to give them Pervitin when they started to lie in the snow to let themselves die. Half an hour later, they spontaneously began to tell me that they felt better, to get up, to walk. They are alive!

Used by numerous Nazi soldiers throughout the war.


Air Force soldiers used the drug for its attention-grabbing effect, while Army soldiers were transformed into fearless and invincible monsters with the drug’s energy. The use of the drug in the Nazi army reached such a level that from time to time there were supply problems. But, like all drugs, Pervitin had some rather dangerous sides …

Many soldiers developed addiction due to long-term use of the drug.


Moreover, there were also side effects of the drug. The most common side effects were heart failure, fatigue, nausea, hallucinations, and cognitive decline. In addition, various psychological illnesses arose among drug-addicted soldiers, and, accordingly, many cases of suicide were reported.

Initially seen as a miracle that would help win the war for the Nazis, Pervitin eventually led to corruption in the army.


However, many Nazi soldiers died due to the use of pervitin. Thus, Hitler’s miracle weapon took its place among the factors that ultimately led to the defeat of the war.

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