“Men in Black” will not be alien to our readers interested in cinema. The 1997 sci-fi comedy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was a huge hit around the world. In a film that looks at the now Hollywood cliché concept of aliens from a different perspective, agents working for a secret government organization find people who have somehow come into contact with aliens and erase their memories with the help of aliens. creatures. Thus, the order in which “disguised aliens” and humans lived together without encountering any problems continued. However, the topic of this article is not the fun, funny and famous “Men in Black”, which is watched by millions of people around the world. Mysterious, terrifying and bizarre, “the real Men in Black!”

The 1997 film Men in Black was a huge success all over the world.

The success of the hilarious sci-fi comedy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones has propelled this unusual story into a popular movie franchise. The last film in the Men in Black: International series was released in 2019.

The Men in Black film series had a funny take on the concept of aliens that has become a Hollywood cliché today.

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Agents from a secret government organization known as the “Men in Black” intervened when humans encountered aliens. The memories of people who somehow encountered aliens and witnessed the existence of aliens were erased by agents so that aliens and humans can continue to live together without any problems.

In short, the job of the Men in Black was to keep the hidden aliens a secret. But there are some amazing facts about the Men in Black that you should know…

The Men in Black existed until 1997. Not on the big screen, but in real life!

The Men in Black formation is said to be a mysterious structure founded in the 1950s that takes on the task of preventing aliens from appearing, just like in the show!

Allegedly “real Men in Black” visited people who claimed to have seen aliens or UFOs, advising them to “keep their mouths shut.”

Of course, this advice was far from friendly! Threats and coercion were among the most common methods used by the true Men in Black. However, what is known about this mysterious formation is extremely limited.

However, combined with the information received to date, it can be concluded that the Men in Black are “shadow figures”, usually in teams of two or three people, who make unfriendly visits to alien bystanders.

According to some reports, these people were part of a top-secret government organization. Others believe that these people are actually aliens in human form!

So, what is behind the claims that the Men in Black exist in real life?

The most serious claims that Men in Black really exist come from Gray Barker.

Known for his work on UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, Barker’s book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, published in 1956, is notable for opening a smokescreen over the real Men in Black.

In this book, Baker pieced together the stories of extraterrestrial eyewitnesses who visited the Men in Black and drew the attention of the world to this mysterious formation…

According to Barker, the “Men in Black” first appeared on June 27, 1947, after an event that was recorded as the Maury Island UFO Incident.

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In this unusual case, a man named Harold Dahl, along with his son Charles, made contact with aliens and, by pure chance, photographed them on the east coast of Maury Island. However, this experience was quite “ordinary!” for Harold and Charles, given what they’re about to go through.

The Men in Black visited Harold Dahl shortly after the UFO incident on Maury Island!

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These unexpected visitors had detailed information about the incident between father and son. So much so that one of them said in a “conversation” between them.What we are telling you is proof that we know more about your experience than you would like to believe.He used a phrase like the Men in Black left the two alone, saying that something bad would happen to them if they talked about the incident on Maury Island at the end of this short visit…

There are other stories in Gray Barker’s famous book about mysterious people silencing alien bystanders.

Albert Bender, founder of an organization called the International Flying Saucer Office, wrote an article in Space Research in 1953 that he was visited by three men in dark suits.

The mysterious visitors asked Bender to stop his UFO research. Shortly after the publication of this interesting article, the International Flying Saucer Bureau was closed, and the Space Research magazine ceased to exist! All of this was seen as the most important evidence for the allegations of the existence of the Men in Black.

Stories from Gray Barker’s book helped the mysterious formation gain immense popularity.

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So much so that in those years, meeting an alien was not enough to become an alien witness! The stories of people who witnessed the existence of aliens were believed only if they were visited by mysterious people in dark suits…

The men in black have been one of the most visible and mysterious elements of alien phenomena, especially in the United States.

men in Black

However, this formation, the existence of which was once considered, was forgotten over time and lost its place among the main elements of modern alien narratives.

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