The championship race has become even more exciting with the arrival of the last weeks to the Premier League, where there was a great rivalry at the last turn. However, with Week 35 completed, the table was shaped both at the bottom line and at the top of the league in a big way. Accordingly, the leader Galatasaray is only 90 minutes away from the tournament. Fenerbahçe, who does not stop chasing the top, continues to hope for the championship. Let’s take a closer look at how the Premier League’s championship race continues.

Galatasaray, who managed to collect 79 points in 33 games this season, is the team with the advantage in the championship race.

The yellow-red team, which defeated Sivaspor last week, will complete the 2022-2023 Super League season as champions if they win the Ankaragücü match. Galatasaray, who did not make mistakes in competitions after defeating Besiktas and entered the final round of the league as leader, will announce its 23rd league championship if it leaves Ankaragücü with 3 points in week 36.

Fenerbahçe’s hope continues in the championship

However, the yellow and dark blue team, who have accumulated 74 points in the past 33 weeks, are five points behind the leaders. For this reason, Galatasaray must drop points first in order for Fenerbahçe to complete the season as champions.

If Galatasaray loses points against Ankaragücü, the championship race will be the scene of unprecedented excitement recently.

There are two different scenarios that will determine the loss of the champion in the possibility of Galatasaray losing points.

If the yellow-reds from Ankara come away with a draw, the championship scores will be made again.

Championship race

In the scenario in which Galatasaray stays with Ancaragucho, Fenerbahçe must win first in the match of the 36th week of Antalyaspor. Next week, the yellow and dark blue team will be guests of the captain, Galatasaray. In this scenario, Fenerbahçe has to beat its opponent by at least 4 margins to become champion.

If Galatasaray is defeated by Ancaragucho, it will be enough for Fenerbahçe to win the match between Antalyaspor and Galatasaray.

Championship race

In other words, in the scenario in which Galatasaray is defeated by Ancaragucho, Fenerbahçe’s obligation to strike its opponent with four hooks is nullified.

Besiktas made an important breakthrough under the management of Şenol Güneş. However, the black and white team had no chance of winning.

Championship race

The Black and White team is third in the league with 74 points collected in 34 matches. As for the leader, Galatasaray, he will score 3 points in the match against Hatayspor, which withdrew from the league. For this reason, Beşiktaş will not be the champions even if they win the remaining two matches. However, the second chance for black and white continues.

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