Watching the shining stars is a pleasant and peaceful activity for almost everyone. However, it is not possible to see this unique species in the light and air pollution in big cities. Therefore, it is necessary to go on a journey towards nature in order to be able to observe billions of stars, looking into the sky, feel peace and photograph this magnificent spectacle. We have listed the best places for stargazing in Turkey in our article we prepared based on this! Here are the regions of our country where you can see the brightest stars …

1. Mount Kaz, Canakkale/Balikesir

Mount Ida, located within the borders of Balıkesir and Canakkale, is considered one of Turkey’s most unique natural wonders for those who are into stargazing. At the same time, the Kaz Mountains are one of the regions with the highest oxygen content and the lowest light pollution in our country. For all these reasons, we can say that Kaz Mountains are the best choice for people who are interested in the sky. As a reminder, for those who want to stay in this unique region where sea and forest meet, there are dozens of campsites and boutique hotels.

2. Point Mountain National Park, Antalya

Sivri Dag National Park, which is one of the best places for stargazing in Turkey, is located in Konyaalti district of Antalya. Mount Sivri, which has one of the highest peaks in the region, has a bewitching view at night when there is no rain and the weather is clear. However, do not forget that for a hike or an overnight stay in mountaineering, you must have good mountaineering knowledge, experience and the necessary materials!

3. Mountains Kachkar, Rize

The Kaçkar Mountains, located in the Çamlıhemsin district of Rize, is one of the main routes for nature lovers in Turkey. The Kachkar Mountains, located at an altitude of 2400 meters, are divided into two regions: Lower Kachkar and Upper Kachkar. Poor lighting and polluted air make this region one of the most ideal places for stargazing. the mountains of Kachkar, recognized as a national park in 1994; This is definitely a place worth seeing in our country with its nature, oxygen levels and great views.

4. Reserve Lake Kartal, Mugla

best places for stargazing

The Kartal Lake Nature Reserve, located in the Koycegiz Muğli region, is one of the regions that nature lovers often visit due to its nature, oxygen and attractive vegetation. This place, taken under the protection of the General Directorate of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, is located at an altitude of 1903 meters from the sea. In addition, within the boundaries of the Kartal Lake Nature Reserve, there is the oldest black pine forest in Turkey. Featured as one of the best stargazing spots in Turkey, the region has a glacial valley and very suitable land for those looking to camp.

5. Gelemis, Antalya

best places for stargazing

Another region that stargazers can choose for a relaxing holiday is the city of Gelemis in Antalya. The town of Gelemis, associated with Kas, has become a summer and winter destination for adventure seekers. Since light pollution is very low here, the sky can be seen with amazing clarity. In addition, visitors are known to make great photo frames. Gelemis, which is very rich in terms of camping, gives a great advantage to its guests as it is close to the famous Patara Beach and the ancient city of Patara. Let’s not forget that in Gelemis there are bars where delicious cocktails are prepared, where you can engage in various activities, such as canoeing while watching the stars.

6. Hatila Valley National Park, Artvin

best places for stargazing

Hatila Valley National Park, located in the center of Artvin, is one of the places where you can go to observe and photograph the stars at night. There are many streams of various sizes in the park, and there are suitable lands for camping. It also hosts 550 plant species, hundreds of animal species, and different types of rocks that you can explore throughout the day.

7. Mount Tekke National Park, Ankara

best places for stargazing

The best place for stargazing in Turkey’s capital is Mount Tekke National Park. The low light pollution makes it a great spot for stargazing on a clear day. Although Tekke Mountain National Park is mostly preferred for picnics, it is also a very suitable place for trekking, nature photography, exploration and camping.

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