Spending time with our little friends who are waiting for us at home after a long and tiring day at work is one of the best feelings in the world. While our paw friends make our lives better, they also make us unconditional companions. On the other hand, traveling with our family’s catchers is also very pleasant. So how do you choose the right and comfortable cat carrier for these trips? The choice of a travel bag is very important to be able to safely and comfortably transport our pets on a journey by car, train or plane.

With the arrival of the summer months, we have collected the most comfortable and affordable models of transporters for our friends who will accompany us on trips. We look at models that offer comfortable use not only for holidays, but also for trips around the city and visits to the vet. So which cat carrier is the cheapest? What is the most useful cat transport bag? Are models of transporters on wheels comfortable? We answer all the questions on this list.

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1. Petisfam

Petisfam, which is at the top of our list, attracts attention with its comfortable and simple design. The bag, which is airline-approved and has seat belts, can be easily attached to the car seat with the adjustable shoulder strap. The product has an entrance from the top, side or front. Compared to hard and uncomfortable carriers, the product that ensures comfortable carrying of your catcher has a very light design. The product, which exerts no pressure on the load-bearing weight with a load of 1.0 kg, is perfect for visiting the veterinarian and other travels.

The product, which can be comfortably carried in one hand or over the shoulder thanks to the adjustable strap that allows you to keep your hands free, also attracts attention with its aesthetic appearance. With nice mesh windows on the sides and top for breathability and visibility, your pet won’t feel constrained in confined spaces. What’s more, you can control your pet without opening the lid of the bag. Cats will feel safe because thanks to this product they will see all sides. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.


cat transport bag

The recommended maximum load capacity for this 44.5cm x 27.9cm x 27.9cm product is 7kg. The product is suitable for the dimensions under the seat of most airlines. The product has a mesh window for ventilation, top and side entry with lockable zipper for security. The pet carrier creates a solid surface for your pet to stand on. In addition, it comes with a removable floor mount and offers a comfortable sleeping place for your traveling pet.

The cat carrier, which has a very stylish and comfortable design, provides the best conditions for your pet. It also comes with a removable and hand washable comfortable fleece pet bed. Transport handles, adjustable shoulder straps that can also be used as seat belts and a carrying strap have the function of attaching the carrier to the trunk. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.

3. Texans

cat transport bag

Models of backpacks with a cat carrier offer both practical and comfortable use. Measuring 32cm x 29cm x 41cm, this product can carry up to 6.8kg. Suitable for cats, small dogs and most other small/medium sized pets. If your pet has a maximum height of 36.8 cm and a width of 30.4 cm, you can be sure that this is the perfect transport bag for you. The product, which attracts attention with its airy structure, is made of PVC mesh. Offering optimal airflow and a well-ventilated design for animal control, the case is light on your shoulders.

The product, which can also be used as a backpack, is equipped with chest buckles that help reduce the load and prevent the shoulder straps from slipping when your pet moves. With premium quality, the product is highly scratch-resistant and durable for long-term use. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.


cat transport bag

HONOVO is one of the first models that comes to mind when a cat carrier is called a large one. Offering convenience with its dual compartment design, the product has zipped compartments to carry 2 different pets. You can also delete one of the partitions and convert 2 partitions to one. The product is extremely suitable for people with many small pets.

Thanks to the top and front zippers, your pets can be easily placed in the backpack. A back cushion and shoulder straps are supplied with the product for comfortable carrying. The product offers practical side pockets, perfect for travel, hiking, horseback riding, hiking, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Pockets on both sides of the backpack allow you to store pet supplies (such as bowls, water bottles and toys). Let us remind you that you can also take care of your pet outside. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.

5. Flash

cat transport bag

The Migno Net Cat Dog transport case in green has dimensions of 50 x 42 x 20 cm. The product, which is made of transparent material, offers comfortable use thanks to the 1mm plastic transparent wide front area and the 3mm thick mesh side surface. The product has 11 capsules that can take in air from all directions, and there is 3mm mdf at the bottom. In addition, it is very comfortable for our friend catchers thanks to its cushion structure. There are 2 opening lids on the bag. You can easily fit both your big and small friends in the bag. You can click here to view and purchase the product, which has a large and spacious surface.

6. Pet style

cat transport bag

The PetStyle cat carrier bag, made of high-quality plastic and suitable for every budget, is extremely suitable for cats and dogs of small breeds thanks to its dimensions of 32.5 / 48 cm. The product is a durable and durable, comfortable suitcase made of colored plastic. The lid opens from the front and has the form of a plastic cage adapted for ventilation. The sides of the product are adapted for ventilation and are grilled. At the same time, there are figurines of a cat’s head on the upper surface of the bag. Shades of pink may vary depending on stock in product shipment. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.

7. L Cloud

Designed in grey, the foldable pet stroller is suitable for travel thanks to its handy backpack and push-able design. Suitable for various types of travel and transportation, the product can be held in the hand and used as a stroller. The product’s large-area ventilation mesh creates a low-light environment and minimizes pets’ fear of going outside. The bag has many openings and entrances. The case also does not take up much space when stored thanks to the possibility of folding.

If we talk about the dimensions of the product, it is designed as 34/29/38 cm. Made of durable composite fabric and washable fabric, the product has a solid construction. Moreover, it is easy to install. You can use a soft brush to remove dust from the surface of the product, which is also very practical in the cleaning phase. Or a cloth to wipe it lightly. You can click here to see the product details.

8. Byp

We round off our list of the best affordable cat bags with a BYPET clear cat bag. The large cat bag is designed for you to see your pet at any time due to its transparent structure. In this way, your pet will not only be able to see the surroundings, but also will not feel panic and fear during the journey. The product, which is made of class 1 material, will come with a shoulder strap. The dimensions of this convenient transport bag, which provides the perfect transport for all your pet friends, are 44 x 27 x 27 centimeters. You can click here to see and buy the product in detail.

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