Artificial intelligence is one of the most discussed, fastest growing and most unusual technologies of the recent period. One of the most interesting and popular applications of this technology is ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by the American company OpenAI. Today, ChatGPT is used by millions of people in fields ranging from education to engineering, from medicine to architecture, from art to mathematics. However, a Thai man named Pattavicorn Bunrin used ChatGPT for a rather interesting purpose. Bunrin asked an artificial intelligence chatbot to predict the lottery draw in Thailand. Relying on the prediction of ChatGPT, the man managed to win the jackpot. Let’s look at the details together.

ChatGPT is one of the most popular artificial intelligence applications of the recent period.

For example, to make it easy for students to prepare for exams or prepare their homework, engineers use ChatGPT’s almost limitless knowledge and experience to perform complex calculations. On the other hand, an artificial intelligence chatbot has millions of users around the world and, accordingly, very interesting applications. However, Thai Pattavicorn Bunrin recently used ChatGPT for a very unusual purpose.

Pattavicorn Bunrin asked ChatGPT to guess the lottery


The Thai explained that he gave ChatGPT the winning numbers from the last 10 years and then asked ChatGPT to predict the numbers that would win the jackpot on the next draw.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Suggests Numbers 57, 27, 29 and 99 to Thai Man


Taking Chatgpt’s offer into consideration, Bunrin knew he had made the right decision by trusting ChatGPT after the lottery draw.

ChatGPT was able to correctly predict the winning numbers in the lottery

A Thai man announced that he had hit the jackpot number 99 in his social media posts, where he talked about this unusual process. Unfortunately, it was not a jackpot. Bunrin won THB 2,000, or about $59, thanks to a ChatGPT lottery prediction.

ChatGPT advises Boonrin not to “obsess” with the lottery

Pattavicorn Bunrin stated that ChatGPT gave him some advice in his social media posts that reached thousands of people in a short time. In this regard, Bunrin stated that ChatGPT reminded him that winning the lottery depends on luck, so he advises not to dwell on this issue, but instead go and do something like exercise.

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