One of the Trendyol 1st league teams, Yeni Malatyaspor, has announced that their request to withdraw from the league for the new season has been accepted by the TFF due to the negative effects that have arisen since the earthquakes.

In a statement, the club recalled that 11 cities, including Malatya, were badly damaged by the earthquakes on February 6, which were called the “catastrophe of the century.”

The statement indicated that an application submitted to the TFF in the second half of the 2022-2023 season was quickly assessed and that they were dropped from the league last season with their rights preserved, and that some players were to be sent out on loan. to different clubs.

While it was emphasized that the objects were unusable, the following comments were made:

“With our transfer board closed and our current players worried about the city, our request to leave the league has been accepted by the TFF without prejudice to our rights. Our club will be ready to play in the 2024-2025 season. During this time, we will become stronger both financially and personnel-wise. We will open our transfer box and take our glorious Yeni Malatyaspor back to the Super League and Europe. We would like to thank our Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Ashkin Bak, TFF President Mehmet Büyükksi and his leadership, Governor of Malatya Hulusi Şahin and Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan for their continued support in the process of our club’s exit from the league. We wish God’s mercy to all our citizens, especially Ahmet Eyüp Turkaslan, who died during the February 6 earthquake, patience and perseverance to their grieving relatives. Remember, we will get through these days together.”

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