Sharing Tesla’s official Instagram account has made the specifications and price of the electric vehicle for sale a matter of curiosity. Model Y in the published image is expected to be the first Tesla car officially sold in our country. We told you about the features, price and more of the Model Y, the first Tesla electric vehicle to arrive in Turkey. Here’s what you need to know about the Tesla Model Y.

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Tesla announced this on its official Instagram page.

Tesla shared a Model Y made in Germany with the article “TURKEY” in a post it recently posted on its official Instagram account. The most attention in the post was the text “4/4”, which stands for April 4th. Following the publication of Tesla’s official Instagram account, many social media users made predictions about the electric vehicles that Tesla is likely to sell in Turkey. Tesla has 4 different electric vehicles: Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y. However, the Tesla Model Y will be available first.

Tesla will initially open two stores in Istanbul. The first store will be located in the Kanyon mall on the European side, and the second store will be in another mall on the Anatolian side.

Tesla Model Y, which will be sold in Turkey, will be produced in Germany and arrive without customs clearance.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y, which will be sold in Turkey, will be produced in Germany, and since Turkey is a member of the Customs Union, the electric car will arrive in our country without any additional taxes. At the beginning of last month, a decision was made to impose an additional 40 percent customs duty on electric vehicles imported from China. After that, Tesla reconsidered its decision to supply its electric vehicles made in China to Turkey.

The fact that Tesla is including the Model Y in a post posted on its official Instagram account shows that Model 3 production in China has been suspended. The Model Y, made in the USA and Germany, is sold in the USA only in the version with two electric motors. However, rear-wheel drive versions of the electric car are also offered to motorists in Europe. In other words, it is possible that a rear-wheel drive version of an electric car will come to our country.

The cheapest version of the Model Y is sold in Germany for 44,890 euros.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y, which has an SUV body type, is produced at a plant called “Giga Berlin” in Germany. There are two versions of this electric car, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. However, the assortment options may vary depending on the wishes of users. The rear-wheel drive version of the Model Y with a range of 480 km is offered for sale in Germany for 44,890 euros, while the all-wheel drive version with a range of 533 km is offered for sale for 54,990 euros. Considering these prices in Germany, the Model Y is expected to be priced below 1.5 million Turkish Lira in Turkey.

Charging stations will appear in 11 provinces.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla has begun installing charging stations for electric vehicles in our country. The world famous company that has completed the installation of charging stations in Bolu HighWay Outlet will install charging stations in 11 provinces of Turkey. According to the Tesla website, these stations will be located in Izmir, Aydın, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Antalya, Ankara, Sakarya, Balıkesir, Konya and Bursa.

Tesla Model Y Features


Model Y is designed for 7 people. The standard Model Y accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, while the Performance version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. When the batteries of the electric car are fully charged, it offers a range of 480 km or 533 km, depending on the version. Model Y can cover a distance of 270 km with a 15-minute charge at ultra-fast charging stations. Model Y with all-electric motor can be easily used in the field, in mud, snow and rain.

Internal features:

  • Folding rear seats to increase trunk space
  • 76 cubic meters of boot space with seats folded down
  • 15 inch touch tablet
  • Ability to present all movements to the driver on digital screens
  • Work with objects within a radius of 250 meters
  • Bluetooth music and multimedia
  • Wireless Software Updates
  • Power front seats
  • Heated seats
  • 4 Sat points

External features:

  • 360-degree rear, side and front cameras for maximum visibility
  • 21 inch wheels
  • Ultrasonic sensors that detect nearby vehicles, avoid collisions and self-park
  • The curb weight of the car is 2 tons
  • led fog lights
  • Rear windows that offer more outside corners
  • Glass roof with IR and UV protection
  • Power folding side mirrors
  • air filtration system

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