The bad news came from the famous orientalist Tanyeli. The news that a famous name was diagnosed with cancer upset his fans.

Taneli, who was one of the most popular names of that period, ended up on the operating table due to weight gain. The bad news came from Taneli, who lost weight from 99 to 60 kg.

Taneli, a 51-year-old Oriental woman, often comes to the fore with her weight loss. Taneli, who went abroad many years ago, returned to Turkey for a stomach operation.

Taneli got the desired image after the operation. Taneli, who had been worried about her overweight for a while, was devastated by the bad news she received while enjoying the happiness of regaining her former shape.

Taneli, who went to the hospital due to health problems he had been experiencing for some time, found out that he had pancreatic cancer.

Taneli is deeply saddened by the news and her family and close friends support her.

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