In anticipation of Turkey’s approval of NATO membership, Sweden and Finland have their eyes set on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Sweden and Finland are waiting for Turkey’s approval for NATO membership. Finland’s membership got the green light, but Turkey vetoed Sweden for not keeping its distance from the PKK terrorist organization and for vile attacks on the Koran. The Finnish press has published a wonderful analysis on this subject. The analysis emphasized that the decision for Sweden’s membership in NATO is President Erdogan.

The Finnish media have published a wonderful analysis of Sweden’s NATO membership. The analysis stated that Finland would continue to support Sweden in NATO membership, but President Erdogan has a solution.

Scandals in Sweden after Sweden and Finland, who wanted to join NATO because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, were rejected by Turkey, led to Turkey giving the green light only to Finland on the path to NATO, according to the Sabah newspaper. The eyes and ears of Finland are riveted on the decision to be taken today by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The Finnish press, assessing the situation, stated that the Finnish government supported Sweden to the end, but the only person who could pave the way for Sweden to join NATO, in the latter case, could be President Erdogan.

The draft law on the approval of the Protocol on Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) will be discussed today at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

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