Recently, the whole world was shocked by very interesting and disturbing news. The Titan submarine, used for tourism purposes, disappeared along with its passengers during its journey to the wreck of the famous Titanic. This strange disappearance story soon became news all over the world. How did the submarine equipped with advanced technologies disappear, what was the fate of the 5 passengers of Titan? Let’s take a look together at the Titan, the most talked about submarine of recent days, and the story of the mysterious disappearance.

Last Sunday, the submarine Titan, owned by Oceangate, set off on a journey into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean with tourists who wanted to see the wreck of the Titanic up close.

This trip was attended by 5 people, which cost 250 thousand dollars per person. Pakistani-British businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, French explorer and explorer Paul-Henry Nargole, explorer Hamish Harding and Ocengate CEO Stockton Rush. Rush also served as a submarine captain.

Some time after the start of the journey, the Titan mysteriously disappeared. No news from the car since last Sunday

What are the characteristics of Titan?


The Titan, an extremely small water craft, was produced and used for ocean travel touring. The submarine is 670 centimeters long, 280 centimeters wide and 250 centimeters high.

Designed for touring, the front of the car has a glass that allows you to watch the view of the ocean. In addition, the small size of the vehicle makes it easier to manage. The Titan is controlled by the game console controller.

Titan is one of the few boats that allow you to make tourist trips on the ocean floor.

However, there are no certificates for the car. The company is said to have advised passengers who will board the Titan that the submarine is “an experimental vehicle that has not been approved by any institution and that passengers may experience injury, disability, emotional injury or death.” On the other hand, the company’s CEO, Stockton Rush, recently announced that they are working with NASA and Boeing to keep the ship safe.

The Titan is said to have had problems communicating with the surface during its previous voyages.


Mike Reiss, who has been on Titan’s ocean voyage three times before, claims that death is mentioned three times even on the first page of the contract signed by the passengers, and that he witnessed how communication with Titan on the surface is often interrupted. in all your travels. In short, it’s a very debatable question how safe the Titan is as a vehicle. So what could have happened on Titan’s last voyage?

Marine engineer from University College London prof. According to Alistair Greig, the Titan could have reached the surface due to an emergency cargo release.

According to the scientist, it is possible that water leaked out of the car and it sat on the bottom of the ocean. On the other hand, in scenarios where the Titan fails to reach the surface of the ocean, it is unlikely that the ship’s passengers will be rescued. Because, according to experts, it is almost impossible for any rescue vehicle to descend into the bowels of Titan.

Search and rescue efforts continue under the direction of the US Coast Guard with support from the Canadian Coast Guard.

A Bahamas-flagged vessel called The Deep Energy, which is used to lay cables up to 3,000 meters underwater, is also helping with the rescue efforts. In addition, aircraft belonging to the United States and Canada also participate in the work.

Search and rescue work on Titan continues, but experts are not optimistic


Rear Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard says the rescue operation is being conducted in a remote location, making the job difficult. Former submarine officer Frank Owen said:Finding a submarine at sea is as difficult as finding a mine in a minefield.” uses expressions. On the other hand, the deep parts of the ocean are almost pitch black. Artificial light sources can only illuminate a limited area.

According to some experts, Titan is either at the bottom of the ocean or on the surface of the sea.


prof. Alistair Greig suggests that the chances of Titan being somewhere in between are very slim. However, this assumption cannot contribute to rescue efforts. Because when Titan rises above the water, only its top is visible.

So the submarine is not easy to detect on the surface of the water. In addition, the submarine’s surface communications were interrupted at the very beginning of the campaign. Therefore, the vehicle could drift to any point of the endless ocean.

However, if Titan’s radar systems are operational, search and rescue vehicles can detect them. The scenario in which Titan is at the bottom of the ocean is also not encouraging. Because there is no rescue ship that can reach the depth of Titan’s descent.

Researcher Robert Blasiak of the Stockholm Sustainability Center believes Titan’s passengers can no longer be saved.


According to the researcher, passengers are in very difficult conditions, both psychologically and physically, at the bottom of the ocean or anywhere else. This is why Blaciac believes that the “salvation” will be a miracle.

Moreover, there is less and less oxygen on Titan. According to reports, Titan’s passengers will run out of oxygen on Thursday … However, an event has recently occurred that can make all of humanity believe in the reality of miracles.

During search and rescue operations on Titan, “the sound of hitting the wall was heard”


A Canadian search aircraft recorded a sort of “wall hitting sound” at 30-minute intervals in the area where the submarine was thought to have disappeared. This exciting event forced the research to focus on a certain point. However, no positive results have been obtained so far.

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