The official representative of the US Department of Defense made a statement about the tanks transferred to Ukraine.

Sabrina Singh, deputy spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, said that the US does not have surplus tanks, new tanks will be purchased for Ukraine, so it will take months for the M1 Abrams tanks to be delivered to Ukraine.
The US administration announced that Germany would send M1 Abrams tanks to allay German fears about the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, but was curious when these tanks would arrive in Ukraine in the near future.

“The US lacks M1 Arbrams? Why didn’t you buy them from US stocks and go after them to take them to the war as soon as possible? Doesn’t your delivery in this way mean that the tanks cannot be shipped before a year? Asked by Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Xin, “The US does not have a surplus of tanks, so it will take months to deliver M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.”

Stating that the tanks will be purchased with money to be provided by the Security Assistance Fund of Ukraine (USAI), Singh said research is ongoing to define the training, maintenance and maintenance processes for these tanks.

Responding to questions about why the US administration’s view that “Abrams tanks were not handed over to Ukraine on the grounds that there are great difficulties in maintaining and maintaining them” has changed in a short time, Singh said:

“We support both the statements made here and the statements made by the Minister and the Chief of the General Staff. It will be very difficult to take care of them and keep them. However, after the meeting of the minister’s contact group on Ukraine with partners and allies, we saw commitments for funds that could be sent to the battlefield immediately or soon. Our decision to release Abrams tanks is also part of our long-term commitment. Since our partners and allies have announced what weapons they will supply to Ukraine, it was logical for us to announce this.”

It is commented that the US administration is trying to extend the process of sending tanks to Ukraine as much as possible, hiding behind the fact that Abrams tanks are defined as a “long-term commitment” and are used for purchase, and not for arming the army.

Controversy over US decision to supply tanks to Ukraine

The US administration, citing maintenance, maintenance and training, argued that the supply of Abrams tanks to Ukraine at this stage was not feasible.

It was alleged that at a meeting of 50 defense ministers known as the Contact Group on Ukraine on January 18-20 at the Ramstein base in Germany with a Ukraine agenda, Germany said it would not transfer tanks to Ukraine in front of the United States.

At the same time, Berlin did not give approval to other countries that wanted to transfer German-made tanks to Ukraine, which caused controversy.

Germany’s unwillingness to deliver tanks to Ukraine before the United States and its refusal to approve the supply of German-made tanks to the Ukrainian army by other states is said to have forced Washington to take this step.

Simultaneously with the US decision, Germany also announced that it would transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and would approve the transfer of German-made tanks to Ukraine by other countries.

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