Narration for broadcasters is very important when watching any sports, especially exciting matches such as football and basketball. Because sports broadcasters double or even triple the excitement of matches with their expressions. Remember the situations when the announcer’s voice was not heard due to a malfunction while watching the match. In these cases the spirit of the match is lost. That’s how valuable sports announcers’ narratives are. There are also many good sports broadcasters in our country. We’ve rounded up the sportscasters who do justice to their work for you.

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1. Murat Muratoglu

One of the successful sports broadcasters, Murat Mourat Oglu, started his career as a broadcaster in 1988 by telling the last four matches on TRT. Later, he also talked about the NBA games. He also prepared several basketball programs when he was a live broadcaster. When it comes to basketball, there is none better than Mourad Mouratoglu. His narration adds excitement to the excitement of the match. In particular, his account during the match, as Turkey beat Serbia in the dying seconds, is among the most memorable.

2. Halit Kivanc

Halit Kivanc

One of the legendary football broadcasters, Halit Kıvanç is one of Turkey’s most popular and longest-serving broadcasters. He was talking about the matches on radio and television. He is also the journalist who gave the first interview to Pele.

3. Yalcin Cetin

sports announcers

Yalçın Cetin won the admiration and appreciation of everyone with his narrative in the matches of the national teams in the tournaments. Especially in Euro 2008, he experienced the best period of his career. Football fans still get goosebumps when Semih Senturk shouts “Samih, Semih, Semih” after scoring a goal in the Turkey-Croatia Euro 2008 match.

4. Murat Kosovo

Meaning of Kosovo

Murat Kosova has worked as a sports anchor for TRT and NTV. He is known for his football and basketball novels. Although his expression in football matches has been criticized, his expression in basketball matches is legendary.

5. Erkan Taner

Erkan Taner

Erkan Taner started working as a broadcaster on TRT at the age of 18, after he passed the announcer exam opened by TRT. He has worked on many different channels for many years. Erkan Taner has succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of football fans with his unique expressions.

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6. Sabri Ojan

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Sabri Ogan, a former sports broadcaster, won over football fans by narrating Champions League matches in the early 2000s. His adorable expression in the match in which Galatasaray beat Athletic Bilbao 2-1 is still on his mind.

Seventh day confirmation

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Güntkin Unay spoke about the “Copa América” ​​for the first time. Then he went to Germany to tell about the match “Borussia Dortmund – Inter”. He spoke about the Turkish league matches in the 1992-93 season. He also spoke about the UEFA Champions League matches. Güntekin Onay is not a broadcaster today, he participates in sports programs on BeIN Sports as a presenter.

8. Orhan Ayhan

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Orhan Ayhan engraved in the memories with his expressions in football and boxing matches. Although he explains football matches well, his expression in boxing matches is legendary. So much so that many people started to love boxing thanks to his novel. Orhan Ayhan has told more than 8,500 football and boxing matches so far.

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