According to the latest news we received at the last minute, Hatay Airport’s runway split in the middle due to the force of the second earthquake! After a strong earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaras in the morning, another earthquake occurred in the afternoon. According to the current information on the strength of the earthquake, the Hatay airport runway split in the middle! Following the 7.6 magnitude earthquake, Kahramanmarash, Gaziantep and Adana airports were closed to flights. Airports in the quake area will be closed to civilian flights until a second decision is made to allow search and rescue teams to reach the region unhindered. Details below…

What materials are most needed for an earthquake zone?

Kahramanmarash again shaken by a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6

After two strong earthquakes, new events are taking place in the region.

The echoes of the earthquake that occurred in the Pazardzhik region of Kahramanmarash at 04:17 in the morning are still preserved today. As search and rescue teams continue their work quickly, new news continues to pour in from the region.

According to the latest information, the Hatay airport runway has been divided in half.

In earthquake areas where aftershocks continue, the transportation network has also been severely affected by the earthquake! So much so that it became known that the Hatay airport runway was split in half.

Civilian flights have also been suspended at Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep airports to allow planes carrying search and rescue teams and humanitarian aid to reach the earthquake zones.

While the earthquake zones were closed to civilian flights pending a second decision, flights were also reported to be reopening gradually.

Only planes carrying humanitarian aid and search and rescue teams can land and take off from both airports in the region.


While the severe consequences of the earthquake continue, only aircraft with search and rescue teams are allowed to land at the region’s airports.

Hatay Airport, whose runway was badly damaged by the earthquake, was closed to all flights.


Hatay Airport’s runway, which was badly damaged and split in the middle due to a major earthquake, was closed to all flights for security reasons.

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