Intel Meteor Lake processors are starting to get everyone excited. These new 4nm Meteor Lake processors are smaller and more efficient than their predecessors, the 13th Gen 7nm Raptor Lake processors.

We’ve rounded up everything we know about the new 14th Gen Intel Meteor Lake processors. Here are the known details about Intel Meteor Lake processors👇

Intel Meteor Lake: price and release date

Intel has not yet given exact information about the features and release date of the 14th generation Meteor Lake processors. According to the information verified by Intel so far, Meteor Lake processors will start launching towards the end of 2023.

Some technologists claim that this period may be earlier. Intel released the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors at the end of October 2022. Earlier in late October, the company launched the 12th generation Alder Lake processor.

Although there is no official announcement yet, Intel seems to be continuing its tradition by releasing new processors, possibly at the end of October. Prices for the first batch of new Intel processors typically range from $300 to $600, so it’s likely that the new, smaller Meteor Lake chips won’t be cheap.

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Intel Meteor Lake Performance

Intel Meteor Lake

We don’t have much details on the specs for the new Intel Meteor Lake chips yet. We will likely find out more towards the end of 2023. Meteor Lake will be Intel’s first 4nm processor.

Compared to 7nm predecessors such as Raptor Lake, we will see Meteor Lake perform better and more power efficient. It is even believed that the new Intel Meteor Lake processors can outperform the 5nm Apple M2 chip. We’ll have to wait for Meteor Lake laptop tests to find out…

New opportunities

Intel Meteor Lake

Everyone has been talking about AI lately and Intel is joining the field with Meteor Lake and its new VPU. Intel says the processing power required for operations such as dynamic noise cancellation in video calls has increased significantly.

This seems like a logical reason given that machine learning techniques such as background blurring during video calls are CPU intensive. Microsoft is adding a ChatGPT-like helper to Windows 11 with the new Windows Copilot feature. In addition, Intel predicts that more such applications will appear on our computers in the coming years.

This is where the VPU comes into play. The new VPU added to the Intel Meteor Lake processors is housed in the Meteor Lake SoC (system on a chip) along with the CPU and GPU, and is optimized to handle continuous, low-power AI workloads. The VPU handles such tasks more efficiently than the CPU, allowing the CPU to perform other tasks.

Intel said in a press release that the new VPU technology allows Meteor Lake chips to do more with less power. For example, adding a VPU to Windows Studio effects can improve the detail of motion detection and dynamic blur effects.

Intel is also working to advance this technology in applications such as Audacity, Gimp, OBS, and Unreal Engine. For example, in the latest version of Unreal Engine, Intel claims that Meteor Lake chips can improve real-time motion capture performance by offloading the AI ​​workload to the VPU and allowing the chip’s internal GPU to focus on the rendering workload.

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It’s time to say goodbye to the Iris Xe GPUs integrated into previous Intel processors. In Meteor Lake, Intel will use the new integrated Arc graphics chipset to power its chips. The new Intel Arc GPUs are already being used in laptops and desktops, and the technology is now being integrated into Meteor Lake processors.

Intel is currently integrating some of these technologies into processors as it makes its own graphics cards, and as a result, DX12 Ultimate with Meteor Lake chips, low-power Arc integrated graphics chips will be able to support ray tracing, supersampling, and more.

While the move to integrated graphics on Arc doesn’t mean Meteor Lake owners will be able to enjoy high-end gaming performance without the need for a separate GPU, it can provide significant improvements in performance and power efficiency, especially when playing on the best version of Windows. laptops.

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