Borrowing from someone is completely normal in the normal course of life. But, unfortunately, there are people for whom non-payment of debts is a normal phenomenon. In some cases, it can be quite difficult for the creditor to collect the debt. That is why there is a company in Spain that collects debts in a very interesting way: El Cobrador Del Frac!

The company literally drives people into debt to their employees who wear black coats, top hats, wear black El Cobrador Del Frac bags, in a word, look like “gentlemen” of the 1930s and 40s!

These stylish but interestingly dressed people follow the debtors in every moment of everyday life! The company claims that the demand for this unusual collection method has increased significantly recently, and the application is very effective in debt collection! Here’s what you need to know about marginal debt collectors who are the scourge of debtors in Spain…

Spain has recently attracted attention for its poor economic conditions and rising unemployment.

It is stated that a large number of companies and, accordingly, a large number of people are experiencing serious financial difficulties, especially in certain areas of business. One of the sectors most affected by negative economic developments in Spain is construction. The executives of a company called El Cobrador Del Frac say most of the people they target are from the sector.

Significant increase in the number of private debt collectors hired by El Cobrador Del Frac due to the poor economy.

In Spain and Portugal, there are many people who go after debtors in their unusual clothes. It is known that the company recently hired about 100 people to meet growing needs.

expression El Cobrador Del Frac; used to refer to a collector of dresses, jackets, or gowns.

The employees of the company, on the contrary, are patient people with high accompaniment skills and care for appearance!

These people in black coats and top hats chase debtors and follow them wherever they go.

El Cobrador del Frac

Employees of the company do not chase debtors for a minute. In a store, in a cafe, in a restaurant, in a cinema, on the sidewalk or in front of his house … A debtor who has come to the attention of gentlemen in a coat has no chance of getting rid of him! Until you pay off your debt, of course!

The company claims that this interesting collection method is very effective, and they have achieved a 70 percent success rate in collecting debts.

El Cobrador del Frac

El Cobrador Del Frac announces that debtors do not pay their debts to their families, friends, neighbors and colleagues. This is the main goal of the company. Embarrassing debtors, making them feel embarrassed and be able to collect money this way! All debtors complain about this situation.

There are those who see the way the company operates as an invasion of privacy and even “harassment.”

El Cobrador del Frac

The Spanish organization of consumers and users says that the number of complaints against the company has increased significantly in recent times.

Despite all the criticism, the company insists that it operates “within the law.”

El Cobrador del Frac

First, the company calls the borrower and asks him to repay the debt. If the debtor does not pay the debt, El Cobrador Del Frac intervenes in that person’s life. Employees follow the person like an agent who does not need to hide, moreover, he cares about being visible all the time.

But they make no further contact with the debtor other than giving their calling cards. Men in black coats do not talk to debtors in any way and do not physically disturb them …

The company’s new target is foreign borrowers in Spain!

El Cobrador del Frac

According to some top managers of the company, there are many foreigners living in Spain, and these people think they have left behind their debts in their own country!

These people are the new target of the company. For this reason, El Cobrador Del Frac plans to hire multilingual staff. So these very stylish looking weird guys seem to be a problem for foreign debtors in Spain soon…

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