An earthquake of magnitude 7.7, whose epicenter was in Kahramanmarash and affected 10 provinces, caused great damage. After the natural disaster that destroyed thousands of buildings, citizens from all over Turkey gathered to help those affected by the earthquake. Volunteers who were sorting donated items to send to the earthquake area were amazed at some of the items given to them. AFAD has previously stated that it will not accept used goods. Despite this statement, people who donate dirty, worn out clothes, high heels, evening dresses, summer clothes are wasting their time on volunteers.

Why are second-hand clothes and goods not accepted in earthquake-prone areas?

The whole of Turkey is mobilized to help the victims of the earthquake. However, some items sent for help surprise us. For example, heels!

In many parts of the country, humanitarian aid is being collected to be sent to the earthquake zone. With quake victims staying outside in cold weather conditions, essentials such as food, groceries, hygiene products and stoves are available. AFAD, in its statement on the first day, emphasized unused goods and stated that it does not accept used goods. However, as the earthquake death toll increased, he approved the shipment of less used and clean winter clothing.

Volunteers working in two tents in front of the Kültürpark Celal Waste Hall in Izmir accept and sort only used food. Products sent by citizens are collected, loaded into trucks and sent to seismic zones. However, some donated products have indeed left their mouths open. These items are not sent to needy areas, but volunteers lose a lot of time because of them.

These donations include unused knitwear, evening dresses, summer clothes, torn old clothes, and even high heels.

Dirty bathrobes, dirty socks, false eyelashes…


Volunteer Azra Seren Chapak, who mentioned that after she was sent to the earthquake area, an old shoe shine was found among the donated items, “They send dirty bathrobes, dirty socks, high heels, false eyelashes. There’s all sorts of nonsense you can think of. Of course we throw them away. Everyone here is trying to support the earthquake zone as best they can. When we open some packages, the smell spreads. There are those who send products without washing. They send shabby, torn clothes. It does not make sense”. speaks.

Volunteer Rona Yaz Naka, who said even bathing suits were found inside the items and that such items are immediately thrown away, said: “It’s not even clear what they sent. I don’t know if it’s a scarf or something else. They send a lot of things, from lace underwear to thin shoes. We ship these products to profitable locations. It’s a shame to do this, it’s a sin,” he complains.

Makeup was sent before

A post published by the Istanbul Volunteer Foundation on Twitter attracted attention. The post, which began with “We didn’t want to share this…” contained photos of some items sent to Yenikapı with the intent to “help”. These products included jewelry, false eyelashes, makeup brushes, and materials from the henna night.

A miniskirt, a photo album, a used lace nightgown…








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