The public has been interested in the details of the new mechanism for raising pensioners and civil servants for several days now. The answer to the question, the answer to which millions of citizens were looking forward to, was given today. The law on sacks, which increased the lowest salary of civil servants to 22,000 Turkish lira, was passed after negotiations in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. However, there was an unexpected surprise in the handbag law concerning millions! AKP Group President Abdullah Güler announced that a new motor vehicle tax (MTV) provision has been made to the luggage law. Accordingly, MTV doubled in 2023! Of course, this unexpected event has also become an important item on the social media agenda. Let’s look at the details together.

The president of the AKP group, Abdullah Güler, made important statements regarding the bill on bags, which was debated today in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

After the statements, it turned out that there is an article in the law on bags, which concerns millions of civil servants and pensioners, which is also closely related to all car owners in Turkey. Guler announced that the motor vehicle tax, known as MTV, has been doubled.

Guler said the ruling would double MTV’s payouts in the second half of 2023. “We are entering into new corporate tax and MTV arrangements in our 17-point proposal, and we are proposing changes to remove some exemptions from our tax laws. In addition, given that the share of some fixed tax amounts in GDP has been reduced in the tax legislation, we envision enabling mechanisms that will allow the fixed amounts to be updated.he announced.

MTV boost will only be in 2023 and once


The new rules, which double the number of MTVs, make no distinction between new and used cars.

MTV’s new regulation has also become an important item on the social media agenda.


Many people who are not at all satisfied with the regulations passed with the new bag law express their reaction to this unexpected surprise in various social media posts. Here are some of those reactions on social media…














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