Konami is the second game of Silent Hill, one of the famous series of psychological horror games, released in 2001; With brand new graphics, brand new dynamics and brand new game engine, it is preparing to bring it to modern gaming platform like PS5. Silent Hill 2 will be released on both PC and PlayStation 5. Konami said during their live broadcast called Silent Hill Transmission last week that the remake version will meet players soon. So let’s get into the details without wasting any time.

What awaits us in the new version of the game?

Remake of Silent Hill 2; He captivated players by releasing the first trailer with extremely detailed graphics, new voice acting and new music. Most of the game features we see in the trailer are so advanced for a video game; the game looks like a remake of a 2001 PS2 game, not a remake of a brand new horror game due out in 2022.

In Silent Hill 2 Remake, you will also get a new over-the-shoulder camera perspective. Original Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and artist Masahiro Ito are collaborating on the remake of Silent Hill 2. Therefore, it can be said that both producers and developers attach great importance to preserving the original version of the game.

Game developer; Mateusz Lenart, creative director and lead designer at Bloober Team, which also develops the Layers of Fear, The Medium and Observer series, wrote on the PlayStation Blog: “One of our main goals is to modernize many aspects of the gameplay as a whole, while maintaining the atmosphere that made Silent Hill 2 so great for gamers.”

About the “first” Silent Hill 2 game

The original Silent Hill 2 was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001; It later appeared on Xbox and PC. This version of the game is produced by Konami and developed by Team Silent. Telling the story of James Sunderland, the protagonist of the game, who traveled to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife, who died many years ago, telling him that he was waiting for him in a place called Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 was very strong. psychological horror for its time. Silent Hill 2 told a sad story in which James’ mental state forced him to confront his conscience.

The HD Remastered version of the game, with no release date yet announced, was also greeted by the public in 2012 with higher resolutions and graphical improvements, but frankly, it failed to achieve the expected performance. Silent Hill 2 Remake, which has been in development since 2019, is a game with a budget entirely covered by Konami, so the decision on the release date will be entirely up to Konami.

Why is Silent Hill 2 Remake only coming to the Playstation 5 console?

The remake version was primarily customized for the PlayStation 5, the most advanced PlayStation console of 2022. Among the existing consoles, the release of the game only on the PS5 platform is explained by Mateusz Lenart on the Playstation blog as follows:

“It’s not just about the graphics. The disturbing atmosphere of Silent Hill is largely achieved through music and sound design. The PS5 has 3D audio features that let the player know exactly where the sound is coming from. It will make everyone feel like they’re in the city and bring back the Silent Hill 2 experience, but even stronger.”

“The biggest improvements to be mentioned in the remake of the game are undoubtedly the result of technological developments. The PS5 SSD is one such development. When Silent Hill 2 comes out, it will be so fast that players won’t even see a loading screen as they explore the city of Silent Hill over and over again. All these features and functions will make the remake of the game a legend. We are committed to creating a more immersive gaming experience for fans and newcomers alike. We are creating a game that will look and sound better (meaning the sound and music in the game) than any previous Silent Hill game. We hope to breathe new life into this iconic horror game and look forward to bringing it to you as soon as possible.”

Let’s see if Silent Hill 2 can once again win hearts with its remake.

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