Armagan Caglayan, one of the legendary jury members of the 2004 Popstar Turkey show, recently made a statement about his health that upset his fans. After announcing that he had lung cancer, the successful name stated that he would take some rest and continue his treatment. His doctors announced that the disease was not advanced and that Caglayan would recover as soon as possible. On the other hand, many questions about Armagan Chaglayan began to be asked.

The name of the master, who created many projects from the past to the present, has inscribed his name in numerous successful works to date. So who is Armagan Chaglayan? Popstar jury How old is Armagan Chaglayan? We answered unknown. Then, if you like, let’s get acquainted with Armagan Chaglayan, who has directed successful productions and produced excellent works both in front of the screen and behind the camera.

Armagan Caglayan, whom we met with Popstar Turkey, which was released in 2004, was born on April 8, 1966 in Istanbul.

Armagan Chaglayan, whose mother is a teacher, describes himself as a sociable, dreamy and emotional child.

Caglayan’s father is a Circassian and his mother was born in Gumuskhan.

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The name of the master expresses one of his unforgettable childhood memories as follows: “There was a book that my father gave me as Read, which I will never forget; Children’s heart. My father was a man who read a lot. He read up to the obituaries of the Cumhuriyet newspaper. I always remember him as the man with the hands drawn from the newspaper.”

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University.

After graduating from the Faculty of International Relations of Istanbul University, Caglayan was one of the brightest and hardworking students of the school.

After first starting his television career with MedYapım, Caglayan parted ways with the company after some time.

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Armagan Caglayan was hired as a preparatory staff during the founding of MedYapım. He soon rose to the position of editor. Caglayan’s success followed his success and he worked as an assistant general manager at MedYapım. But after 11 years, he left MedYapım, where he worked for many years, making an unexpected decision.

The master has staged many well-known productions such as “When Luck Knocked at the Door”, “Wonderful Market”, “Who Wants 500 Billion”, “Celebrity Farm” and “Bulent Ersoy Show”.

Caglayan, who was in charge of the camera in all the works with his signature, after some time decided to transfer his behind-the-scenes work to the camera.

Armagan Caglayan was a jury member of the 2003 Popstar Turkey competition.

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With this decision, viewers first started watching him on camera with Popstar Turkey. Apart from Popstar, he has also worked as a producer on Son Ütücü, Top Model Turkey with Deniz Akkaya and Big Offer.

Finally, Caglayan, who made a name for himself with his successful YouTube program, asked his guests questions, saying, “I only ask what I’m interested in.”

Attracting attention with his unbiased understanding of television, the master of the name asked real and clear questions to his guests on the program.

However, the well-known name has upset its fans with its recent press release.

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He gave information about his health in a press release in recent weeks.

After announcing in a statement that he had “lung cancer”, Caglayan stated that he would take a break from the screens for a while.

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Declaring that he would say goodbye to the screens for a while, Armagan Chaglayan spoke about his treatment process. The master suggested that everyone who has the opportunity to undergo an examination every year. We also convey our best wishes to Chaglayan. We hope he gets better soon. And he continues to present his wonderful programs.

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