One of the most dangerous predators on earth, sharks are one of the most abundant creatures in the oceans and seas. There are different types of sharks that usually live in deep waters. Sharks can live 20 to 30 years in the wild. These creatures, known to occasionally attack humans, have been the subject of many thrillers and horror movies. It makes people want to know more about them. In this list, we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as: what species of sharks are there, where do they live and are they aggressive creatures?

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shark species

There are about 360 species of sharks. Almost all shark species, with the exception of the whale shark, are carnivores. Shark species have very large habitats in the waters of the world. We have provided you with information about some of the most famous sharks.

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Great white shark

The great white shark, one of the most dangerous shark species, can reach a length of up to 6.1 meters and a weight of up to 2,268 kilograms. The great white shark is found in temperate waters around the world. They usually feed on dolphins, tunas, seals, penguins, tunas and sea beavers. They are also known to attack humans from time to time.

tiger shark

The tiger shark generally prefers to eat fish. However, it sometimes feeds on turtles and mammals. It lives mainly in deep waters, but sometimes moored towards the shore. This species of shark, which has larger females, has tiger patterns on its body. Their length is on average 3.5 meters.

great hammerhead shark

The great hammerhead shark has an average length of 4.6 meters. But it can reach a maximum length of 6.1 meters. It inhabits the continental shelf, coastal areas, temperate and tropical waters around the world. It also gives birth to 55 young every two years.

Whale shark

The whale shark is the largest fish that lives in all the waters of the world. On average, it can reach a length of 15 meters. But the longest whale shark ever seen weighs 42 tons and is 18.7 meters long.

big shark

Known as the largest fish in the world, it is the second largest fish after the whale shark. It can reach a weight of 3 tons and a length of 10 meters. The smallest great shark ever seen is 1.7 meters long.

In addition to these sharks, the shark species listed below are some of the best-known.

  • angel shark
  • bull shark
  • blue shark
  • frilly shark
  • lemon shark
  • goblin shark
  • mako shark
  • leopard shark
  • giant shark in the mouth
  • mustachioed shark
  • megalodon shark
  • blacktip reef shark

Where are sharks found?

Sharks live in both freshwater and oceans. Sharks can be found in the deep Mediterranean, northern seas, tropical and temperate waters. The sharks found in the Mediterranean include the great shark, the gray shark and the great white shark. Among the sharks, of which there are about 360 species, the angel shark is the least known.

Does the shark attack?

predator of the oceans

Sharks have no particular interest in human flesh. They only attack when they feel threatened. Today’s scientific research aims to explain why sharks attack people. There are no animals in nature that are hunted solely for pleasure. It’s usually movies, TV shows, and books that indicate that sharks have killer instincts and that’s why they attack humans.

Sharks, like other animals, only attack in certain situations. Any animal whose territory has been invaded and whose peace has been disturbed reacts to what it considers an invader. Due to their territorial nature, solitude and introvert nature, the presence of strangers can cause them stress. In such a situation, the shark’s defense mechanism kicks in and attacks. The attack of this animal, which has very sharp teeth and a powerful jaw, can be deadly.

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