Wednesday, released on the digital broadcasting platform Netflix last week, became the platform’s most watched production in the first week and broke a record that is hard to break… The Netflix series that has become popular in a short time is Addams, which was created many years ago by an American cartoonist Charles Addams in the form of an animated series inspired by his family. The series tells about the life of the daughter of the Wednesday Addams family. In particular, the performance of the young actress Jenna Ortega, who played the main role in the series, was highly appreciated. However, there is another actor who is gaining attention in the series. A disembodied but living severed hand named Thing!

The audience gets great pleasure from the scenes with a character named Creature. On the other hand, the disembodied severed hand plays a very important role in the series. However, fans of the series are also very curious about how the scenes were filmed with the participation of this extraordinary character. Here’s what you need to know about Wednesday’s disembodied severed hand…

The Thing is an extraordinary character even for the gloomy and magical world of Wednesday!

That is why the character is quite surprising to many viewers. But millions of people are happy to see this unusual and narratively important character on the screen. Of course, the main thing that makes a character extraordinary is the character himself! The hand is not higher than the wrist, but alive and conscious, really very interesting.

The Addams Family commissioned Thing to “look after” Wednesday.


But this “handy” character sometimes gets the young girl in trouble.

Many viewers think that “The Thing” was completely created using computer technology.

However, this is not at all the case. Of course, when creating the Creature character, computer technology is used. But the Thing is played by a real actor! An actor named Victor Dorobantu wears an all blue suit during filming. After the scenes are completed, Dorobantu’s entire body is erased from the scene during post-production, revealing a disembodied severed arm!

The thing is Victor Dorobantu’s first acting experience!


Because Dorobantu is actually an artist of illusions. Therefore, the movements of the hands are also quite fast. Although Dorobantu gave life to a disembodied hand in his first acting experience in his life, he is extremely successful in his work. The series’ visual effects director, Tom Turnbull, claims that Dorobantu really does have incredibly fast hands, which is why they had a hard time filming some of the scenes!

Netflix has shared interesting images showing how the Thing scenes were filmed from its social media accounts.

Thus, the audience had the opportunity to see the body behind the disembodied severed hand! Here are some of those interesting images…

















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