Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the rights of Serbs in northern Kosovo have been violated.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said: “What can I do about it? Send tanks? I can not do it. “We cannot defeat NATO,” he said.

Speaking on Serbian state television, President Aleksandar Vučić said the Kosovo government had a policy of not implementing the agreement on the Union of Serbian Municipalities. In defense of the fact that the Kosovo Serbs were provoked into the incident, Vučić said: “They imprison the most talented young people in the north. Over the past three days, three handcuffed Serbs have fled the Kosovo police across the border. Today, the coach of the handball team was imprisoned in Strpce.”

Vučić said Serbs in Kosovo would boycott early local elections to be held April 23 in Serb-majority municipalities and said: “What happens on April 24? Nothing. Kurti will be in power in northern Mitrovica. Think about what democracy and legitimacy can be in a place where the Albanian population is 2 percent. But what about the Serbs? Bad. What could it be? It will be as if they were busy. “People are worried about this,” he said.

Vučić accused Kosovo of organizing local elections in which the Serbs did not participate: “So what can I do in this situation? Send tanks? I can not do it. We cannot defeat NATO. I can’t and don’t want people to die. I want to resolve everything peacefully. I want normalization,” he said.

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