Some people believe that aliens really exist. There are even those who believe that aliens have infiltrated us in various forms, claim to be in contact with aliens or have been abducted by them. Others view aliens as pure pop culture entertainment, flatly denying the existence of any life forms living in space. In a word, aliens continue to be a very interesting and controversial topic, regarding which many conspiracy theories have long been put forward. Where the debate about aliens becomes most intense is over what these life forms look like, whose existence or absence we are not sure. For a long time, aliens were usually depicted as big-eyed, green-colored humanoid figures in movies or literary works. But there are also scientists who have some pretty interesting ideas about what aliens might actually look like. Let’s look at the details together.

According to many scientists, if aliens exist, the appearance of these creatures must be shaped by the conditions of the planet on which they live.

In other words, the universe could be home to aliens that are too small to see with the naked eye, as well as creatures that float through the vacuum of space on their giant wings. Because, according to scientists, the planets on which they live are the main factor determining the appearance of aliens.

Aliens living on planets where the simple laws of physics compete for food may have a human appearance

This “fortunate body structure” that helped humanity survive in the evolutionary process may have led to beings like the dominant species on Earth on planets with Earth-like conditions.

Scientists believe aliens living on the planets of the solar system are microscopic

moon of jupiter europa

So, according to some scientists, even if aliens live on Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Saturn’s moons Enceladus or Titan, we cannot see them with the naked eye.

Appearance is closely related to the environment in which aliens thrive.


In this regard, astronomer Michael Garrett of the University of Manchester “How complex life unfolds depends a lot on the environment in which it thrives.he uses. To the question “Could there be more incredible and endless possibilities in distant galaxies?” “We can stay in shock!” gives an answer.

Michael Garrett argues that “squat and muscular” life forms could have originated on large planets where gravity is strong.


In parallel with this, aliens living on planets with less gravity must be thin and tall! In addition, it is believed that flying creatures on planets with low density atmospheres are likely to have “enormous wings”.

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